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The island of Great Britain is home to the three countries of England, Scotland, and Wales. Great Britain combines with Northern Ireland in a union called the United Kingdom (UK).

Why Create The Local History Videos Website?

Local History can be discovered through film.

Everything from old photograph montages, cinema newsreels, TV programmes, and home videos fascinate and bring back happy memories.

But it is difficult to find fascinating videos of each area buried under tons of content on YouTube.

And then, of course, the algorithms often struggle to understand what you’re really looking for.

Did you mean Bedford town or Bedford trucks, Birmingham in the West Midlands or Birmingham in Alabama, a film of Liverpool in the past or a film about Liverpool in the past?

It takes hours to sort through the jumble of suggestions to find a collection of gems.

So this site curates a collection of videos that exist about your local area.

Head to one of the sitemaps to see which pages interest you.