Old Images of Sandbach, Cheshire

House on Congleton Road Sandbach in 1914

Gimpse history through old images of Sandbach, Cheshire, England.

Houses on Congleton Road Sandbach in 1914
Houses on Congleton Road Sandbach in 1914. Extract of Image: Mark Cromie/Flikr.

Sandbach in 1943

In 1943, newsreels captured the charming historic streets of Sandbatch and Great Budworth in Cheshire.

The footage of Sandbatch includes:

  • half timbered Tudor houses
  • the Tudor Manor house
  • cobbled market place 
  • 2 Saxon crosses
  • 400 year old church 

The footage of Great Budworth includes:

  • the Norman church
  • stone stocks and lychgate
  • cobbled lane
  • inn, and sign “slay the dragon of drunkenness”! 
  • pump house
  • lanes 

You’ll notice a complete absence of motor vehicles. Instead, children and prams abound. How life has changed!

Sandbach And Great Budworth (1943) – British Pathé (YouTube)

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