Old images of Widnes, Cheshire

Widnes Cheshire old images

Take a step back in time with these archive films made in Widnes in Cheshire.

By Election At Widnes 1915

This 15 second clip shows Francis Fisher, Unionist Candidate in the forthcoming by-election, surrounded by wa soldier, several men and women, and a collection of children.

By-Election At Widnes (1919) – British Pathé (YouTube)

Bozzadrome Widnes 1920s

This silent, black and white footage starts with a collection of men and women smiling at the camera.

After a brief shot of a man, woman and child, we move to the brass band of the Nazareth House Orphanage in Ditton. All the young lads cheerfully pose for the camera.

Next there are many rows of boys and girls performing exercises on the sports ground. There doesn’t appear to be an adult in front of them demonstrating the moves, as you would probably expect today, although a man is shouting through a megaphone. However, issues about the wind clearly haven’t changed, as one of the officials has to reach out to chase down a disappearing sheet of paper.

Widnes Sports (1920-1929) – British Pathé (YouTube)

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