Old Images of Bollington, Cheshire

Old picture of Bollington Church and School House Cheshire England published 1840

Glimpse history through old images of Bollington, Cheshire, England.

Angling Contest (1928)

In 1928, the angling contest at Bollington in Cheshire was recorded by the Empire News newsreel team at Reuters.

The annual contest attracted so many participants that they had nine miles of anglers lining the canal.

It’s only a 23 second clip, but shows us how popular this annual contest was at the time.

FISHING: Angling Contest at Bollington (1928): British Pathé on YouTube

A Bit of Bollington History

Extracts from “Contributions Towards a History of the Ancient Parish of Prestbury In Cheshire“, by Frank Renaud

Published in 1876

Page 19


Bollington church was built in 1834, and dedicated to St. John. It consists of nave, aisles, and tower, all of stone, and of indifferent design. The value of the living is 300 %. A parsonage, and

schools for adults and infants, arc attached. At Bollington Cross there is a licensed school – room for service on Sundays, and for baptisms. During the week it is used for educational purposes. The curate is paid by the Pastoral Aid Society.

Page 51

1688. Upon the Vicar’s Certificate to us that noe affidavit was brought in tyme for Mary Simpson of Pott Shrigley, and Dorothy Birchenough of Bollington, for being buryed in woolen; charges for ourselves and horses in riding to Sir J. Andrews, one of his Majesty’s justices of Peace, for warrant according to the act concerning the same, 4s.

Page 89

In 9 Edward IV., the king, as earl of Chester, granted to Robert de Legh liberty to enclose and make a park at Whitley Hey and Adlington Wood, and Whitley Hey Green, so that he might keep and hold the same to himself and heirs notwith standing that it was within the bounds of the royal forest of Macclesfield. He also obtained a grant of free warren in all his demesnes and woods, with court leet privileges, views of franc pledge, & c., within Adlington manor, the vills and hamlets of Stockport, Bollington, Hyde, and Rainow.

Page 203

“The devyses betwine the demeyne lande of the forde of Bollington beginninge at the Clymyursall descending the Clyffe unto the hedge of Pott, and from the hedge of Pott descendinge unto the demeyne of Buclestone Deanc, & so descendinge the demeyne of Holehurslyshenede and so overthwarde to Ravenoke, and soe from Ravenoake to the top of Cayridge ( Kerridge ) unto Sydewaye, and descending Sidewaye into the ryver runninge towardes Bollington.”

Page 225

“Item a comyne called Coryryge which belongeth to Ranowe and Bollington wh is by estimaco of length a myle of bredthe an halfe myle.”

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