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Famous for the beaches, cliffs, islands and wildlife around its stunning coastline, the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire is also home to  more than 125,000 people. Despite its rural communities, there are many resources available to everyone with an interest in local and family history.

Pembrokeshire’s Local History Facebook Groups

  • The History of Wales

Pembrokeshire Archives and Local Studies

Formerly Pembrokeshire Record Office, Pembrokeshire Archives holds an extensive collection of archive material for Pembrokeshire dating back to 1272.

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The Pembrokeshire Historical Society 

Founded in 1983 when the Pembrokeshire Local History Society amalgamated with the Pembrokeshire Record Society, the Pembrokeshire Historical Society digitally publishes well researched and detailed journals about aspects of Pembrokeshire history on a regular basis. Lectures and outsings are also a part of the society’s activities.

Dyfed Family History Society

If you’re researching your family history in the historic counties of Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire, then think about joining the Dyfed Family History Society. Along with several branches and a research centre based in Carmarthen, the society also produces a regular journal for members.

Supported by Earthwatch, the Center for Field Research, and the University of York, the North Pembrokeshire Historical Archaeology Project looks to widen archaeological study beyond just the excavation of buildings. 

Examining a rural community in a relatively isolated part of Britain with a strong Welsh cultural identity, and with significant subcultures based not only on socio-economic categories, but also on language and religion, is a complex task.

Over the past couple of decades the project has looked at a number of Welsh archaeological sites and graveyards to further understanding of the area’s past history.

Museums In Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is home to a number of historical sites and museums, including:

  • Carew Castle
  • Castell Henllys
  • Haverfordwest Town Museum
  • Milford Haven Museum
  • Pembroke Castle
  • Pembrokeshire Motor Museum
  • Penrhos Cottage
  • Picton Castle
  • Scolton Manor
  • Tenby Museum and Art Gallery
  • Tudor Merchant’s House

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