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The Welsh market town of Haverfordwest may be home to a small population but it’s the county town of Pembrokeshire, and is the county’s largest settlement. It’s a pretty town with a rich history and luckily several local residents captured the community on film over the past few decades.

Haverfordwest Through Time

“Haverfordwest through the years”

This slideshow from Gordon Lewis presents more than 15 minutes of old photos and postcards of the town in the past. Many of the buildings no longer exist, or have changed substantially.


In 2002, the BBC series ‘Your Century’ took a look at the town and its history. In addition to old photos and film, some local residents were interviewed about their memories of the past.

The Pembrokeshire County Town In The 20th Century

“Boxing Day hunt in Haverfordwest, South Pembrokeshire, Wales. Film 90907”

It’s not clear when this short HuntleyFilmArchives film clip was recorded, but it shows horse and hounds heading over the bridge.


Haverfordwest Car Drive 1988

“Haverfordwest car 1988”

On 17 January 1988, a drive around the town in a car was recorded from the passenger seat. Almost fourteen minutes long, the video shows a wide variety of streets and locations.


Large numbers of participants and spectators appear in this video, which may have been recorded in 1988. It takes in several different locations.


This video was found in the Swales Music Centre archives. Recorded on the 19th July 1989. Hundreds of participants and spectators appear on screen.


Starting from a high vintage point, the video takes us on a car journey through many different streets, recorded on 4 October 1995. 

In The 21st Century

“Air Ambulance Landing at Haverfordwest”

On 29th July 2007, a video was taken from the Air Ambulance as it came in to land.


On a quiet Sunday at 9am in the autumn of 2007, this very short clip was recorded near the river.

“Arriving at Haverfordwest Carnival”

A short film of the drive into town behind a steam roller on Carnival Day in 2008.

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