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Step back in time with fascinating images of Newtown in Powys, Wales.

Newtown was once surrounded by factories, canals and steam trains. While it’s still the largest town in the county of Powys, life in this Welsh town on the banks of the River Severn is gentler and quieter than in previous ages. That’s not to say nothing ever happens here, as the footage of carnivals and flooding show.

Old Photos & Local Tales

Frank Moore posted some old photos of the town’s people and places onto Facebook, and got such a great response he decided to start a Facebook page, Frank Moore’s Photographs old and new of Newtown, Powys. 

Unfortunately, his computer went wrong, so he bought a new one from Darren Williams of Blues Digital. It was a lucky move. Darren had thousands of old photos of the area.

Combining the old photos with modern film footage, along with myths and facts shared by Rory Evans of (Mid Wales Paranormal) this is an engaging local history film.

rediscovering past newtown – on YouTube

Halfpenny Bridge

In less than two minutes, David Pugh sets out the significance of the canal area around the Halfpenny Bridge and in particular the Pryce Jones mail order business which took off after the opening of the local railway in 1861.

Halfpenny Bridge, Newtown, Powys – on YouTube

1950s Carnival

Powys Newtown Carnival – on YouTube

A fascinating look at the carnival held on Saturday June 24th, 1950. Many local adults and children appear.

1950s Newtown Floods

Historic black and white footage of flooding in the 1950s, which caused considerable damage. Lots of local people appear too.

Newtown Floods – on YouTube

1980s Drive in the Dark

It’s a shame that this drive through town was recorded in the dark. However, you do glimpse the cars and road systems, along with a number of lit buildings.

newtown powys wales 1980s – on YouTube

Photographs 2004

In August 2004, Rob Davies took over a hundred photographs of Newtown and Montgomery in Powys.

This short video is a slide show of some of those photographs. It features a number of locations and people.

Newtown, Powys, a slideshow of photographs from August 2004 – on YouTube

Flash Flood 2009

A quick look at some flash flooding which hit the town on Wednesday 10th June, 2009.

Newtown Flash Flood – on YouTube

Railway Station 2010

The railway station in 2010.

newtown (powys) wales – on YouTube

Carnival 2013

All the sights and sounds of the carnival on a hot, sunny day in 2013.

NEWTOWN powys carnival 2013 – on YouTube

Pub Opening 2014

This is a video of the official opening of the Black Boy pub on 27th May 2014, following a £1.5m refurbishment of the 17th Century Grade II-listed pub.

50 jobs were located at the Weatherspoons pub, which kept its original name after plans to rename it the Llywelyn ap Gruffydd caused an outcry. A vote conducted through the local newspaper was in favour of retaining the name.

New pub called Black Boy opens creating 50 jobs – on YouTube

Newtown Carnival 2014

More fun from the carnival, this time a quick clip from 2014.

Newtown carnival – on YouTube

Tesco Store 2014

Managers and team leaders singing in the Tesco store at Christmas in 2014.

Tesco Newtown singing little donkey. – on YouTube

Sheep on the Bypass

If you’re a fan of Radio 4’s The Archers, you’ll remember when David and Ruth almost sold their farm because major road plans threatened to divide their land in two. In the end, they didn’t move to Prudhoe in Northumberland because the planners chose a different route for the bypass.

Unfortunately, in real life framers are left to deal with the consequences of decisions they have no control over.

This flock needed several people and a sheepdog to get them safely across the roadworks.

Sheep Movement around Newtown bypass – on YouTube

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