Old Images of Oxford Street, City of Westminster, London

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Oxford Street is one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets, offering 1.5 miles of retail, entertainment and places to eat. It runs all the way from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch, via Oxford Circus.

No wonder the cameras have long loved visiting this famous London destination.

1970s Oxford Street London

Thames TV visited the famous London shopping street to gather clips for the ‘Inside Business’ programme broadcast on the 14th June 1979.

In this clip, they captured the outside of British Home Stores.

1970s Oxford street | 1970s BHS | 1970s London | Inside Business | 1979: ThamesTv (YouTube)

Next, they filmed the HMV record shop, in an age of vinyl.

1970s Oxford Street | 1970s HMV | Record Shop | Records | HMV | Inside business | 1979: ThamesTv on YouTube

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