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Great Yarmouth, which became a seaside resort as far back as 1760, is located in the English county of Norfolk, the area of East Anglia and the region called East of England. The town has been heavily filmed through the years thanks to its popularity with holidaymakers from across the UK.

What is Great Yarmouth famous for?

Great Yarmouth used to be known for its port, which brought in much of England’s herring catch. Today it’s famous for being a historic seaside resort which still attracts crowds of holidaymakers each year.

Is Great Yarmouth in Norfolk or Suffolk?

Great Yarmouth is definitely in Norfolk. But its proximity to Suffolk makes it a good base from which to explore the neighbouring English county.

What sea is Great Yarmouth on?

The whole eastern border of Great Yarmouth meets the North Sea. Because of that, it offers sandy beaches, sandy dunes and stunning cliff top views. Swimmers and surfers usually enjoy local sea temperatures of 15 to 19°C (59 to 66°F) in August each year.

How long is Great Yarmouth beach?

Great Yarmouth offers a sandy beach which is 15 miles long! That’s why it continues to draw visitors and holidaymakers throughout the year. There are plenty of cafes and pubs nearby to keep you well fed and watered after a day at the beach.

Local History On Archive Film

This section of Local History Videos shows vintage film and video compilations of old photos of Great Yarmouth up to the end of the 1940s.

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Images Of The Town’s Past History

A History of Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile In Pictures 

This footage from YouTube channel Norfolk Now looks back at the historic “Golden Mile” along Great Yarmouth’s sea front.

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