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Great Yarmouth 1950s 1960s 1970s

We’ve showcased an archive or vintage film on each page of this section about Great Yarmouth between 1950 and 1979.

If you’re interested in the history of Great Yarmouth before 1950, you may also like to see the videos on the Great Yarmouth History pages.

Great Yarmouth and Gorleston (1950s)

Outdoor diving displays.

 “Great Yarmouth and Gorleston in the mid fifties. Initial introduction by Percy Trett one of the areas leading historians and a great natural world enthusiast.”

Roly Stagg on YouTube

Great Yarmouth In The 1960s

Great Yarmouth Summer (1961/1962)

“This is a short family home video shot on cine film. I post it for nostalgic and history reasons only but it may be of interest to those interested in the simple pleasures of the 60s.”

Kkkbbbhhh on YouTube

Great Yarmouth Tourism (1960s) 

YouTube channel Gypbrc brings us this short video looking back at the entertainment offered to tourists in the early 1960’s: 

  • The Water Ways
  • Great Yarmouth beach
  • Britannia Pier
  • Joyland, including Snails and Tyrolean Tubs rides
  • Pleasure Beach, 
  • Model Village, which opened in 1961
  • Wellesley Recreation Ground 

Great Yarmouth Shops and Cafes, Colour Home Movies (1960s)

“Colour home movie footage from the 1960s of Great Yarmouth shops and cafes being enjoyed by tourists and residents alike.”

The Kinolibrary on YouTube

Great Yarmouth Beach Holiday, Colour Home Movies (1960s)

The Kinolibrary brings us this colour home movie footage from the 1960s. It shows a family enjoying a summer holiday at Great Yarmouth’s Seaside resort, with beach activities and views along the promenade.

Yarmouth in the Sixties (1960s)

“Yarmouth in the 1960s: holidaymakers flock to the town, cars are clogging the approach roads and Southtown is still a busy railway station. But change is in the air – the mighty herring fleets are vanishing, the oil and gas industry arrives and Mods and Rockers descend on the seafront.”

Pastfilms on YouTube

See the town as it was, including: 

  • Morecambe and Wise at Wellington Pier 
  • Bob Monkhouse and Bruce Forsyth at a church service for the stars 
  • The last brew of Lacons beer

Yarmouth in the Sixties (1960s) 

The video from youTube channel TIMEREELTVcaptures Great Yarmouth at a time of great change.

Holidaymakers are still arriving in droves by car and rail, but they are now joined by Mods and Rockers. The herring fleets are disappearing to be replaced by the oil and gas industry. 

Great Yarmouth Pier Fairground at NIght, Colour Home Movies (1960s)

Thekinolibrary’s collection includes this colour home movie footage from the 1960s showing Great Yarmouth Pier at night with all its attractions and entertainments available for holidaymakers.

Summer holiday in Great Yarmouth (1966)

YouTube channel creator Melvyn Fickling thinks this video may be dated to 1966. Footage includes the Golden Mile at Caister and the pier and funfair at Great Yarmouth.

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Summer Home Movie (1960s)

YouTube channel Ademusicuk found this 8mm 1960s film of a Great Yarmouth holiday in a shop in Holt, and thinks the horse racing was probably filmed at Thetford. 

Footage includes horse racing, caravans, beaches, and the amusement park.

Great Yarmouth Skating (1960s) 

Gavin Langley uploaded a short, silent film from the 1960’s showing people ice skating at a competition held at Great Yarmouth. 

Great Yarmouth Summer Home Movie (1968)

“An old 8mm film I came across filmed in Great Yarmouth in 1968 that I recorded digitally. Unfortunately I don’t know any more information on the film or who the people are, but may be of interest to someone.”

Ademusicuk on YouTube

Great Yarmouth In The 1970s

Great Yarmouth (1973) 

Raisa watkiss uploaded to YouTube a nostalgic 8mm film of a family holiday to Great Yarmouth in 1973.

“By eroding the imagery with bleach and ink a new conversation emerges into the contemporary.”

Botton’s Pleasure Beach, Great Yarmouth (1970s)

Brian Moore uploaded a short clip of Botton’s Fair in the 1970’s.

Great Yarmouth (1974)

British Pathé: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

  • Travel shots along the funfair on the seafront. 
  • Past rollercoaster. 
  • Exterior shots of Britannia Pier advertising show featuring Mike and Bernie Winters. 
  • VS of people on pier. 
  • MS of horsedrawn carriage along seafront road. 
  • More shots of pier. 
  • MS of Stagecoach Amusement Arcade. 
  • VS of Bingo booths on seafront. 
  • Various shots of streets of small hotels and bed and breakfast (B&B) place. 
  • MS of static caravans / trailers in park. 
  • VS few children playing on beach and in sand. 
  • Caravans are close to the beach. 
  • Ext. of various holiday flatlets and small hotels / Guest Houses. 
  • Quick shot of boat on Norfolk broads.

Ladbrokes Caister Great Yarmouth (1976)

“1976 family holiday at Ladbrokes Caister Great Yarmouth (includes the Holidaycamp, Waterways  boating ride and the Noah’s Ark at JoyLand).”

Darren Mawbey on YouTube

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach (1970s)

“A short home video showing Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in the 1970’s.”

Yarmouthonfilm on YouTube

Great Yarmouth Scooter Rally (1979)

Gary Kettless on YouTube explains that the cine film was given to him by Andy Saggers  for the lowestoft drifters reunion in 1993. 

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