Old Images of Bordon, Hampshire

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Glimpse history through old images of Bordon, Hampshire, England.

Army Auction (1946)

Military cars, trucks and mobile workshops were amongst the thousands of items being auctioned off the year after the end of World War II.

UK: QUIRKY : Car auction at Bordon (1946) – British Pathé on YouTube

Asbestos Jeep (1949)

In an attempt to make a waterproof jeep, a group of young soldiers spent 45 hours applying an asbestos compound to a jeep with their bare hands.

Water Jeep (1949) – British Pathé on YouTube

Jack Punter’s House (1958)

Over six years, Jack Punter single handedly built a house out of recycled materials, surrounded by a rather extraordinary set of walls and gardens.

He spent four years making concrete out of rubble, used the glass from old pictures to make windows, obtained wood from old packing cases, and built the window frames from a demolished shed.

By the time this footage was recorded, Jack was 66 years old.

He’d fractured his skull three times in his life:

  • Shell splinter in World War I
  • Motorbike accident
  • A fall of bricks

The House That Jack Built (1958) | British Pathé – British Pathé on YouTube

Mechanical Transport Championship (1959)

Trucks Jump In The Lake (1959) – British Pathé on YouTube

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