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Fleet in Hampshire was little more than a village in the Victorian era, but today is a thriving a popular town.

Housing developments just before the Second World War, which continued into the 1960s and 70s, brought in commuters who could quickly reach London by train. By the time housebuilding at Elvetham Heath was started, the town had been connected to the M3. Previously, the motorway went past, with just Fleet Services giving a hint as to what lay beyond the roadside greenery.

The town is pretty, with a canal, pockets of woodland, Fleet Pond and surrounding countryside available to families and dog walkers. The local housing stock is upmarket; few council properties were built in the past, flats are low-rise and few in number, and the property market is dominated by family homes with garages and gardens. A number of streets feature very large properties with extensive gardens.

The High Street has changed significantly from the mid-1980s. The Hart Shopping Centre was opened in 1991, just a short while after McDonald’s first appeared in the town. Leisure venues have flourished so there is a good selection of places to eat, drink and socialise.

The Fleet Carnival has been an annual event since 1956. Local groups gather together to form a jolly procession, with some of the volunteers collecting donations in buckets from the watching crowds. It’s a very English affair, with people dressed up according to the chosen theme of the group and several decorated floats forming the backbone of the procession.

In The 1950s

Fleet Carnival Programme – 1956

The town Carnival’s first programme, produced in 1956.

Uploaded to YouTube on 29 Jul 2016 by Gibsonagg.

The 1960s & 1970s


“These clips are of where I grew up. Mostly in the garden of 1, Spencer Close but there are some other clips too. The footage is largely of my immediate family, my nan, and me.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 1 Feb 2017 by GuildfordGhost.

For Church Crookham and Fleet in the 70’s & 80’s

Uploaded to YouTube on 28 Mar 2013 by Pete Cole.

The 1980s

Fleet Carnival in 1988

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The 1990s

MERIDIAN NEWS – HGVs in Fleet, Hampshire, January 1999

“I was brought up here and was still living here at the time and none of us locals were keen on the masses of building that was going on in the area.  The woman interviewed at the start was a friend of mine when I was at Sixth Form.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 1 Mar 2010 by GuildfordGhost.

Fleet carnival

“We were young, free and had plenty of time on our hands unlike today. My friends and I were partying like it was 1999.  Hang on… I think it was! Here’s a vid of us all at the Fleet Carnival watching Simon ‘A voice like no other’ Maslin and his band Burning Blue take to the stage.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 11 Mar 2006 by Ed Redfern.

Through The Decades


“These clips are taken from several reels. The first one is shortly after my parents moved to Church Crookham and is taken mostly along Bourley Road. The later clips are snippets from dreadful footage shot by my brother and myself several times in 1981. I salvaged just the footage that showed the surroundings.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 1 Feb 2017 by GuildfordGhost.

JAPJAC’s Fleet Hampshire England 2003 Vid

2015 saw the town selected by Halifax as the wealthiest and best place to live in Britain for the 5th year in a row.

Uploaded to YouTube on 22 Feb 2007 by JAPJAC.

“I am proud and privileged to state that I lived in Fleet (Pondtail)  through 4 decades for my first 25, happy years. My personal farewell/sayōnara video, a humble dedication to a wonderful town.  The places where I patronised, frequented, belonged to, worked, dwelled and was educated.”

The 21st Century

FLEET MILLENIUM PAGEANT, Hants, 11th June 2000

“Just an excerpt from one of the scenes I was in.  This was quite an accomplishment but could have been so much better.  This was one of very few scenes that worked – a lot of the cast just weren’t actors.  It was largely fun, though.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 14 Sep 2009 by GuildfordGhost.

Fleet Carnival 2007

Childrens’ Procession.

Uploaded to YouTube on 4 Feb 2013 by Gibsonagg.

The Lismoyne Hotel, Fleet, Hampshire UK Room Video

The Lismoyne Hotel. Video from Room 53 in 2007.

Uploaded to YouTube on 7 Oct 2007 by Tips For Travellers.

Looking after Hampshire, Looking out for you

“Find out more about the range of services we provide which make Hampshire a great place to live work and thrive.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 3 Sep 2009 by Hampshire County Council. 

Driving across Fleet Hampshire UK

Driving across the town.

Uploaded to YouTube on 2 May 2010 by Mrtamastorok.

Cathedral Express steam train passes through Fleet, Hampshire station

“The Cathedral Express steam train passes through Fleet’s train station after having just started its cross-country journey from Basingstoke; on the 240th anniversary of Richard Trevithick birth, the inventor of the steam engine.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 13 Apr 2011 by Andrew Reeves-Hall.

Canteen Refit – Fleet, Hampshire July 2011 – Time-lapse Photography by Regenology Ltd.

A complete refurbishment of a canteen by an interior design company. 

Uploaded to YouTube on 10 Aug 2011 by TimelapsePortal.

Come to Fleet

A humorous look at the place voted the best town in the UK.

Uploaded to YouTube on 13 Aug 2011 by g4rdenspoon.

2011 October, LQ: HYPE Disco – Lions Clubs Videos

“Lion in Fleet, England, provide the hottest night club destination for the 16 and younger crowd in an effort to help local youth socialize and party safely.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 17 Oct 2011 by Lions Clubs International.

La Casa Restaurant – Fleet, Hampshire

La Casa. Cafe / Deli / Ristorante, 203 Fleet Road, in 2012.

Uploaded to YouTube on 1 Apr 2012 by videoflairfleet.

Fleet & District Carnival 2012 – High Street Grand Procession

Uploaded to YouTube on 12 Jun 2012 by WhataPhoto Video.

Street Prize – GU51 3AS – Fleet – 27 October 2012

Uploaded to YouTube on 27 Oct 2012 by PostcodeLottery.

The Station – Pizza Kitchen & Bar – Fleet, Hampshire

Uploaded to YouTube on 26 Apr 2013 by WhataPhoto Video.

Fleet carnival Saturday 6th July 2013

Uploaded to YouTube on 7 Jul 2013 by Mike Mcdonnell.

Fleet carnival July 2013

Uploaded to YouTube on 7 Jul 2013 by Mike Mcdonnell.

ReggaeFest & BBQ III 2013 – Fleet, Hampshire (official aftermovie)

Uploaded to YouTube on 6 Aug 2013 by Videowl Fine HD Production.

Fleet Hampshire, about our Town.

“Fleet in Hampshire is a Leafy Green town with Parks, the Basingstoke Canal, the Harlington Centre for Music, Standup Comedy and other event.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 18 Aug 2013 by WhataPhoto Video

2019-08-05 Highland Cattle Vealmead Common Fleet Hampshire.mp4

Uploaded to YouTube on 6 Aug 2019 by Mark Bishop

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