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Schools In Fleet & Church Crookham: Old Videos

School films

Old videos of schools in Fleet and Church Crookham are especially funny if you know anyone in them.

All Saints Junior School

Jeremy Gilley visits All Saints Junior School via Skype

30 Nov 2009 Peace One Day.

“On 19 November 2009, Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace One Day, visited All Saints Junior School in Fleet, Hampshire. He attended the school via a Skype video call to tell the children about Peace One Day and also to hear about the peace initiatives that they have been concentrating on all week.”

Calthorpe Park School

Crime around our School (Calthorpe Park Secondary)

7 Mar 2009 TheBestRandomVideos.

Fun at school!

18 Mar 2009 AdamC3046. At Calthorpe Park School.

calthorpe park school news report

25 Apr 2009 proctordoctor360.

Courtmoor School

Madness – House Of Fun (starting at Court Moor School, Fleet 1979 reunion)

25 May 2019 Pete Cole.

“Blimey, has it really been 40 years since we started at Court Moor school?”

The Jam – Start (starting at Court Moor School, Fleet 1979 reunion)

27 Mar 2019 Pete Cole.

Blondie – Dreaming (starting at Court Moor School, Fleet 1979 reunion)

28 Feb 2019 Pete Cole.

COURT MOOR SCHOOL, Fleet, Hants (Spring 1982)

26 Feb 2013 GuildfordGhost.

“Some footage salvaged from a bizarre, plotless, unwatchable 8mm video nasty we were trying to make, just ultimately showing some parts of Court Moor School over 30 years ago (and how amazingly overweight I was for an 11-year-old).”

Earliest known video of me speaking!, Court Moor School, 29th June 1984

22 Sep 2009 GuildfordGhost.

“This was a play called FULL CIRCLE (developed from impro classes) I did with the MAAD Workshop at Court Moor School, Fleet, Hants when I was 14 and my voice hadn’t even broken.  I’m the one with the cap in white. These few words were my only ones in the whole play!”

The Dracula Spectacula – RHESUS NEGATIVE ROCK (Court Moor School, Fleet, March 1985)

26 Nov 2009 GuildfordGhost.

LONDON PRIDE, Court Moor Palace Of Varieties, Fleet, Hants, 23rd May 1992

13 Sep 2009 GuildfordGhost.

“God, how young I was!  And how average a singer I was too (and thought I was so damned good).”

Court Moor School Talent Assembly part 1

27 Mar 2011 xlebee95x.

“24.03.11- This is Court Moor School’s year 11 talent assembly, featuring four brave students performing four different types of talent!! For the other three studetns talents please follow the link to part 2 of the video.”

Crookham Junior School


26 Feb 2013 GuildfordGhost

“Some salvaged footage I shot during a lunch break of the boys in my class (15) at Crookham Juniors in the spring of 1981.”

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