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Aldershot, home of the British Army, is also home to a civilian community of more than 30,000 residents. The lido, stock car races, ice rink and railway station are key locations for many nostaligic memories.

Aldershot became a major base for the British Army back at the time of the Crimean War. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of archive and vintage films of army activity which you can view on this page.

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Through The Years

“Aldershot through the years

Uploaded to YouTube on 5 Jan 2015 by Atkins UK

The 1950s

“Aldershot Honours Britain’s Blitzed Cities (1950)

This British Pathé footage from 1950 is essential viewing if you know Manor Park. Few people today know what the shrine was created for, or about this event.

The Duchess of Gloucester alights from a car and is greeted by the Mayor of Aldershot, Alderman George Roberts. She then shakes hands with Air Marshall Arthur Barratt, and an unidentified woman. Next, the Duchess walks in procession with the Mayor and clergy, watched by a small crowd. Oliver Lyttleton, M. P. for Aldershot, is also there.

The Duchess of Gloucester officials unveils the shrine from its Union Jack covering. There are shots of the shrine, garden and rockery.

Then there are scenes from some of the communities badly affected by the Second World War air raids: Cardiff, Sheffield, the City of London, Sunderland, Coventry, Great Yarmouth, Swansea, Manchester, Exeter, Dover, York, Cardiff, Southampton, and Grimsby.

“Aldershot Heath Fires

Possibly from the 1950s, this footage shows serious heath fires and the resulting smoke. Passengers and cars have to be diverted, and soldiers help extinguish the fires.

Uploaded to YouTube by British Movietone

In The 1960s


YouTube GuildfordGhost collects old cine reels and digitalises them. Sometimes the content is surprising and records places seldom seen on film; this is one such example.

“Fascinating and unique footage of the Military Power Station in Aldershot being built.  Reel bought on eBay. This is a new transfer of an item I uploaded before that was previously very poor quality.”

“Superstox at Aldershot Stadium, Autumn 1968

A few numbers racing at the old Aldershot Stadium, Tongham, in the autumn of 1968. Includes Les Collins and Jack Bavingdon.

Uploaded to YouTube by Don Mason

“1968 Aldershot Lido

Uploaded to YouTube by Rob Hygate

In The 1970s

“Brentford V Aldershot – Part 2 of 3 (21st Aug 1971)

Uploaded to YouTube by TheBeelist

“Official IRA bomb British Parachute Regiment HQ in Aldershot , 22 February 1972

Shane Gallagher: “The Official IRA bombed Aldershot barracks in February 1972 in what they claimed was revenge for Bloody Sunday in the Bogside, Derry on the 30 January. Only civilian workers & a military chaplain were killed by the bomb tho.  The Officials military campaign against the British Army & government ended three months after the Aldershot bomb.”

“Aldershot Stadium 1972 Superstox

Biffo720: “It doesn`t seem like 40 years since I stood on that banking taking this cine film but it is. Luckily we`d saved the footage to video before the original was disposed of, I think it’s worth showing this brief snippet of the Superstox stars of yesteryear as its old enough for archive material. Please excuse some of the quality but it has been converted from cine to video then to DVD then onto youtube.

Incidentally, the orange car (40) is Derry Warwick, father of Derek. The Warwick family were all keen racers at this their local track, including Derek, his uncle Stan and younger brother Paul.

After winning the English and World Superstox titles as a teenager Derek moved on to more success with F3 and F1 Grand Prix cars, and then onto Sports car racing and LeMans.

Paul followed in his brother’s footsteps but his success was cut short after being tragically killed during a race at Oulton Park in 1991.

Other regular racers of note at the old Spedeworth H.Q. were Robert Collard who went on to find fame with Touring cars and the B.B.C. D.J. Johnnie Walker who enjoyed a couple of seasons racing until breaking his leg here during a Stock Car race.”

“70’s Aldershot banger racing

“When banger racing was just that. No race engines, race tyres, roll bars, water tanks, welding, blowing up parked cars, or all the other stuff thought necessary nowadays.”

Uploaded to YouTube by Billo353


Ringwood Raceway – probably from the 1950s and 1960s; Arlington – Hot Rods in the 1970s; Old Aldershot Super Stox in the 1970s. Cine film made by the dad of the YouTube channel.

Uploaded to YouTube by DODGER706

“Chicken Factory | Aldershot | A Town called…| 1976

Some vintage footage of a chicken processing factory. Filmed by Thames Television for ‘A Town called…’ in 1976.

Uploaded to YouTube by ThamesTv

“collin on video 461

“On the buses with Chrissi Yandell filmed at Aldershot bus station 1970s.”

Uploaded to YouTube by violet christina judge

In The 1980s

” Spedeworth Stock Rod Racing Aldershot 1985

Spedeworth Stock Rod racing at Aldershot Stadium, 31st October 1985.

Uploaded to YouTube by Zippy Sticks

“Two Ronnies – Aldershot Brass Ensemble

An excerpt from the hit TV show.

Uploaded to YouTube by Dnamemelost

“Aldershot Ice Rink – A Christmas Carol on Ice 1989 – Part 1

Uploaded to YouTube by Richard Thomas

“Aldershot Ice Rink – A Christmas Carol on Ice 1989 – Part 3

Uploaded to YouTube by Richard Thomas

The 1990s

“British Rail recorded announcement – Aldershot 320 – 28th September 1990

Date: 28th September 1990. Voice: Robert Lister. Recorded announcing system: Infomat solid state. Platform 3 for Ash, Wanborough and Guildford (main announcement).

Uploaded to YouTube by Robert Payne

“Aldershot Town F.C 1992

In 1992, Aldershot Town Football Club relaunched, following their closure for bankruptcy.

Uploaded to YouTube by julesthenut

“UK Free rave on military land 1996 Acid Techno

“Free party through the night on military land somewhere near Aldershot, then chatting to the police and army in the morning. It was a big team effort from the logistics, the combined ‘Pineapple Tribe’, P.O.D, and ‘Sabbatical sound’ systems to the jellytree video visuals.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 11 Jul 2017 by jellytreetv

The Civilian Town In The 21st Century

“Aldershot 2003

Army-related banter amongst friends, with a few members of the public walking by.

Uploaded to YouTube by Jack Wright

“St Michael’s Reunion, 29th April 2005

29th April 2005 saw a reunion for ex-pupils of St Michael’s CE Secondary School 1962-1967, held at The Tweseldown pub (formerly North Horns) in Church Crookham, Hampshire.”

Uploaded to YouTube by Lushlover


Uploaded to YouTube on 3 Aug 2007 by oakridgekid2

“aldershot station

Terrible camera quality – but welcome to everyone’s mobile phone camera in 2007!

Uploaded to YouTube on 3 Dec 2007 by Mark Taylor

“Going Home to Aldershot Town (Part 1)

Part one of a video made back in 2008.

Uploaded to YouTube by Gary Stockton

“Going Home to Aldershot Town (Part 2)

Part two of a video made back in 2008.

Uploaded to YouTube by Gary Stockton


“A Town Now Sadly Ruined By Urban Projects That Have Destroyed Its Historic Beauty, Culture & Nature.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 23 Jun 2009 by CAPT DJ UK

“ in Aldershot HD

Local video guides from the property portal covering Surrey, Berkshire, and Hampshire.

Uploaded to YouTube on 30 Sep 2009 by Manchester Evening News

“Aldershot tower demolition

Footage of a Garrison tower block being torn down. Making way for new accommodation for soldiers and their families.

Uploaded to YouTube on 21 Oct 2009 by Manchester Evening News

“Aldershot Pre ’75 World Final 2009 – Banger Racing

Banger racing in 2009, filmed and edited by Mark Summersbee.

Uploaded to YouTube by Carnage Media


Worth watching just to hear the conversation behind the camera!

Uploaded to YouTube on 5 Jul 2010 by kezzer61

“Aldershot town centre shop closures

“Jodie Burrows investigates shop closures in Aldershot Town Centre, focusing on The Galleries shopping centre and the main High Street. Around 1/5th of retail units are empty in the town with no new shops replacing them.”

Uploaded to YouTube on 31 May 2011 by ucajournalismnews

“Olympic Flame event in Aldershot

The Olympic Flame makes a special appearance in the local community.

Uploaded to YouTube on 11 Jul 2012 by Surreyandberksmedia.

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