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The Fenland market town of Holbeach is found in Lincolnshire, in the part of the East Midlands region known as East Anglia. 

It’s a historic location, with Roman pottery occasionally dug up in and around the town. The market charter for Holbeach was awarded in 1252 to local baron Thomas de Moulton. 

Within a century, the All Saints’ Church and All Saints’ Hospital had been established. The latter was established by Sir John of Kirton, in 1351, but is now the site of the Chequers Inn.

Land drainage programmes moved the sea from within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the town, to about 9 miles (14 km) away. That both solved the severe flooding problems the town experienced in the 13th and 16th centuries, and created more than 23,000 acres of fertile agricultural land.

Holbeach In The 20th Century

“Lincolnshire Film Archive – 1901 to 1920s”

YouTube channel Primetime Media has uploaded a trailer for the “Lincolnshire A Century on Film Volume 1” DVD available from Primetime Video. This footage shows film of Lincolnshire from 1901 to the 1920s.


The Lincolnshire Film Archive presents this silent 4 minute silent video of the South Holland Home Guard Parade in Holbeach. Marking “Salute the Soldier” Week in 1944, the platoons marched along Boston Road, held an Inspection at the Park, and marched past the saluting base in Park Road. There’s also a brief glimpse of the Holbeach “Flying Bedstead” which was a breakdown truck fitted with a machine gun.

“Fishing Boats Boston fosdyke and holbeach YouTube”

Boston Maritime uploaded this 30 minute programme from Yorkshire Television showing local people working in the Lincolnshire fish industry. It probably dates to the 1980s, but many aspects of the work probably hadn’t changed for a century.

In the second half, two of the four men licensed at the time by the UK government to hunt seals are seen shooting at a small group of seals from the beach. While viewers may find this distressing, the accompanying interview provides assurance that the majority of seals escape.

Interviews, old photos and style of filming make this a fascinating video of a rarely observed way of life.

The Town In The 21st Century

“Driving around Holbeach”

Back in 2009, ArkAngelz shot a video from the passenger seat of a car as it drive through Holbeach, Lincs.

“Holbeach Town Band – March”

This is a short video from melhopkin, of the Holbeach Town band playing “The New Recruit” (by G. Southwell) back in 2009.

“Potato harvesting Holbeach St. Marks 2009 Spalding”

Paul Chapman’s video from October 2009 shows potato harvesting near Holbeach in Lincolnshire. 

“Holbeach Rally June 2010 MOV”

Henry WEG & FW Pettit attended the Holbeach Vintage Rally for the first time in June 2010. As  Martin Major’s video shows, it was a typical summer cold, wet day.

“Holbeach Vintage Rally 2010 – 20th June 2010”

This photo montage by lexion60000 shows a number of Vintage Tractors which were displayed at the Holbeach Vintage Rally in June 2010.

“Holbeach St Marks Community Gym Nov 2010”

Alan Wrotchford created this video showing the Community Gym at St Marks Community Association Building, in the village of Holbeach St Marks, which is 4 miles from Holbeach.

University Academy Holbeach (UAH) 

“Brandon’s University acadamy Holbeach Prom Entry”

University Academy Holbeach (UAH) is an academy based in Holbeach, established in 2011 following the closure of The St Guthlac’s School in Crowland and George Farmer Technology and Language College in Holbeach.

In 2012, Brandon made a creative entrance to the UAH Prom. Uploaded to YouTube by Dan Wise.

“UAH Leavers 2013 by Hannah Wickham”

Hannah Wickham made a photo montage of the UAH leavers in 2013.

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