Old Images of Holbeach, Lincolnshire

St Marks Church Holbeach Lincolnshire 1890

Glimpse history through old images of Holbeach, in Lincolnshire, England.

The Fenland market town of Holbeach is found in Lincolnshire, in the part of the East Midlands region known as East Anglia. 

It’s a historic location, with Roman pottery occasionally dug up in and around the town. The market charter for Holbeach was awarded in 1252 to local baron Thomas de Moulton. 

Within a century, the All Saints’ Church and All Saints’ Hospital had been established. The latter was established by Sir John of Kirton, in 1351, but is now the site of the Chequers Inn.

Land drainage programmes moved the sea from within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the town, to about 9 miles (14 km) away. That both solved the severe flooding problems the town experienced in the 13th and 16th centuries, and created more than 23,000 acres of fertile agricultural land.

South Holland Home Guard (1944)

The Lincolnshire Film Archive presents this silent 4 minute silent video of the South Holland Home Guard Parade in Holbeach.

Marking “Salute the Soldier” Week in 1944, the platoons marched along Boston Road, held an Inspection at the Park, and marched past the saluting base in Park Road.

There’s also a brief glimpse of the Holbeach “Flying Bedstead”, which was a breakdown truck fitted with a machine gun.

HOME GUARD PARADE 1944 – The Lincolnshire Film Archive on YouTube

Lincolnshire Fish Industry

Boston Maritime uploaded this 30 minute programme from Yorkshire Television showing local people working in the Lincolnshire fish industry.

It probably dates to the 1980s, but many aspects of the work probably hadn’t changed for a century.

In the second half, two of the four men licensed at the time by the UK government to hunt seals are seen shooting at a small group of seals from the beach. While viewers may find this distressing, the accompanying interview provides assurance that the majority of seals escape.

Interviews, old photos and the style of filming make this a fascinating video of a rarely observed way of life.

Fishing Boats Boston fosdyke and holbeach YouTube – Boston Maritime on YouTube

Drive Through Town (2009)

Back in 2009, ArkAngelz shot a video from the passenger seat of a car as it drive through Holbeach, Lincs.

Driving around Holbeach – ArkAngelz on YouTube

Holbeach Town Band (2009)

This is a short video from melhopkin, of the Holbeach Town band playing “The New Recruit” (by G. Southwell) back in 2009.

Holbeach Town Band – March – melhopkin on YouTube

Potato Harvesting (2009)

Paul Chapman’s video from October 2009 shows potato harvesting near Holbeach in Lincolnshire. 

Potato harvesting Holbeach St. Marks 2009 Spalding”- Paul Chapman on YouTube

Holbeach Rally (2010)

Henry WEG & FW Pettit attended the Holbeach Vintage Rally for the first time in June 2010. As  Martin Major’s video shows, it was a typical summer cold, wet day.

Holbeach Rally June 2010 MOV – Martin Major on YouTube

Holbeach Vintage Rally (2010)

This photo montage by lexion60000 shows a number of Vintage Tractors which were displayed at the Holbeach Vintage Rally in June 2010.

Holbeach Vintage Rally 2010 – 20th June 2010 – lexion60000 on YouTube

St Marks Community Gym 2010

Alan Wrotchford created this video showing the Community Gym at St Marks Community Association Building, in the village of Holbeach St Marks, which is 4 miles from Holbeach.

Holbeach St Marks Community Gym Nov 2010 – Alan Wrotchford on YouTube

University Academy Holbeach (UAH) 

University Academy Holbeach (UAH) is an academy based in Holbeach, established in 2011 following the closure of The St Guthlac’s School in Crowland and George Farmer Technology and Language College in Holbeach.

In 2012, Brandon made a creative entrance to the UAH Prom. Uploaded to YouTube by Dan Wise.

Brandon’s University acadamy Holbeach Prom Entry – Dan Wise on YouTube

A bit of Holbeach history


Published in 1855

HOLBEACH TOWN (anciently Old Beach), a small but thriving market and post town of great antiquity, has latterly undergone improvement by the removal of many of its antiquated buildings, and the substitution of modern erections.

It is pleasantly situated on the road running from Spalding to Wisbech, 8 miles from the station of the Great Northern Railway at the former place, and 14 from the Eastern Counties Railway station at the latter town, 101 miles from London, and 17 south of Boston.

The town consists of one street, and some smaller ones diverging irregularly therefrom.

It is well paved, drained, was lighted with gas in 1894, and is a polling place for the southern division of the county.

The government of the place is in the county magistrates, who hold a court here once a month; these gentlemen are the Rev. James Morton and Joseph Chamberlain Barker, Esq.

A local board of health was established in 1850, and various sanatory improvements have been effected.

In 1863 a burial board was formed, who have purchased a piece of land outside the town, towards the north, on the Penny hill road, and converted it into a cemetery, which has been laid out in a very neat style by F. F. Yeatman, Esq., of Boston. The chapels are now being erected, and the whole, when completed, will form one of the prettiest cemeteries and chapels in the county.

Thomas Sturton, Esq., of Stakeley house, is chairman to the board of health, and also to the burial board.

Holbeach is the chief town for the county court for the Union.

Many urns, coins, and other vestiges of Roman and Saxon occupation have been found here at different periods.

It claims the honour of having been the birth place of Dr. William Stukeley, the celebrated antiquarian, in 1687.

Here is a good market house, erected in 1844.

The market day is on Thursday; and the fairs are on the 17th of May, 17th of September, and 11th of October.

The Free school, founded and endowed about 1671, is of good reputation, and open to all children residing in the parish. The master must have graduated at Oxford or Cambridge.

The charities are numerous, and arise from gifts in money and lands bequeathed by benevolent individuals deceased. These are dispensed in bread, coals, and money, at stated periods of the year.

Under the Poor Law Amendment Act, Holbeach is the centre of and gives name to a Union of ten parishes. The union house is in the parish of Fleet, and was erected in 1837.

The living is a vicarage, value £ 900, with 7a. 1r. 23p. of glebe land, in the diocese of Lincoln, province of Canterbury, the patronage of the Bishop of Lincoln. The incumbent is the Rev. James Morton, B.D. The Rev. Thomas Wallis Richards, M.A. is the curate.

The rectorial tithes have lately been purchased by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners of George Tomline, Esq., and commuted for £ 5,000.

The church of All Saints is a spacious and handsome Gothic structure of the 14th century. It has a nave, chancel, north and south aisles, porch, and large square tower, with an embattled parapet, surmounted with a lofty octangular ornamented spire, each angle
charged with crockets, the windows with canopies. The windows are particularly beautiful; and the original tracery, which has been much admired, remains perfect. From its point to the base of the tower is 180 feet. There is a good clock and chimes; there are 8 bells.

Here are chapels for the General Baptists, Primitive Methodists, Wesleyans, and Reform Methodists.

Also a National school for girls.

HOLBEACH ST. Joux’s, or the Fen, in the parish of Holbeach. In this fen about 4 miles south of Holbeach, a chapel of ease, dedicated to St. John, was erected in 1840. The expense was defrayed by subscription; the Duke of Somerset gave the land; all the sittings are free. There is an endowment of about £ 40 a year. The vicar and curate of Holbeach officiate therein.

Holbeach GENTRY:

Ayliff Edmund George , esq

Ayliff Mrs. Susannah

Barker Joseph Chamberlain , erq

Barker Miss Sarah

Barron Richard Simmons , esq

Batt Lieut . Henry , R.N

Black James , esq . M.D

Bycroft Mr. Richard , Fleet

Caparn Richard , esq

Cook Mr. Jarvis

Crofts Mr. John

Davis Rev. Ebenezer [ Baptist ]

Dove Mrs. Lousia

Eldred Mr. John

Fields Mrs. Ann

Grasley Mrs. Phoebe

Harrison Mrs. Patience

Harrisson Alfred , esq

Harvey Mrs. Elizabeth

Hickson Richard , e – q

Hunter Mre . Susannah

Jones Rev. Wm . [ Primitive Methodist Preacher ]

Key Edward , esq

Longbottom Mr. James

Phipps Mrs. Elizabeth

Pick Mr. William , Hall hill cottage .

Piekworth Rev. Felix Herring [ Wesleyan minister ]

Pridgeon Mrs. Elizabeth

Richards, Rev. Thomas Wallis , M.A. [ curate ]

Slator Miss Bridget

Slator Miss Esther

Storey Mrs. Martha

Starton Thomas , esq . Stukeley house

Thimbleby Miss Ann

Thimbleby Miss Fanny

Thomas Mrs. Ann

Thomas Mrs. Frank

Townsend Mrs. Amelia

Vise Ambrose Blithe , esq

Vise Edward , esq

Vise Edward Blithe , esq

Watson Thomas , esq

Holbeach TRADERS:

Aldgate Stephen , currier & leatherseller

Baines Henry , gardener

Barrow Richard Simmons , surgeon

Beeston Brittain , batcher

Bellairs William , clothier & hatter

Benton James , farmer

Bimrose Wm . Waltham , boot & shoe mkr

Bingham Thomas , linen draper

Bingham William , accountant

Black James , M.D. surgeon

Black Robert , carrier & shopkeeper

Black William , shopkeeper

Bolton Edward , farmer

Boor John , plumber , painter & glazier

Brambery William , butcher

Brav Sarah ( Mrs. ) , pawnbroker

Buffham Jolin , beer retailer

Bull John , beer retailer

Burges William , farmer

Buxton Edward , china & glass dealer

Bycroft Richard , farmer

Cain John , constable

Caparn & Ayliff , solicitors

Capp James Robert , ironmonger

Cupp John Lawrence , farmer

Carter John , brewer , maltster & spirit merchant

Clark George , architect & surveyor

Clark William , builder & brickmaker

Clarke Samuel , builder

Clement George , ‘ Ram ‘

Coley William , cooper

Cook John Frederick , chemist

Cooke Heary , ironmonger

Cooke Samuel , inland revenue officer

Coop Charles , boarding & day school , & organist

Coupland Robert , butcher

Cox Thomas , saddler & harness maker

Croeby Benjamin , baker & confectioner

Curtis Thomas West , chemist , corn chandler , & oil & color merchant

Dalton John , beer retailer

Dickins John , miller & baker

Dixon Saml . collector of highway rates

Dobson Robert Wyldbore , veterinary surgeon

Dodds Joseph , farmer

Dolby Thomas , farmer

Eason Matthew , farmer

Edgley Charles , tailor

Eldred John ( Mrs. ) , milliner & dressmakr

Ellis Henry , ironfounder

English Jane ( Mrs. ) , brewer

Fawn James , blacksmith

Fields Cotman , tailor

Fields Frederick , tailor

Fox Eliza ( Miss ) , mistrs . of Nationl . schl

Franks James , coal dealer

Gapp Frederiek , blacksmith

Garmer Richard , fishmonger

George Joseph , Red Lion ‘

Gibbons Jane ( Mrs. ) , carrier

Gilder Thomas , builder

Goddard Julia ( Mis ) , school

Goodacre Robert , coach maker

Goodacre William , shopkeeper

Goose Frederick , baker

Green Henry , shoemaker

Gregory George , cowkeeper

Hackney John , grocer

Hackworth William , String of Horses inn , & tailor

Hakeman Edmund , beer retailer

Hakeman Joseph , farmer

Hall William , tobacco pipe maker

Hannah John , beer retailer

Hannah William , farmer

Hanson Elizabeth ( Miss ) , ladies ‘ school

Hardy Charlotte Maria ( Mrs . ) , iron mngr

Hardy John , gunmaker

Hardy Thos . Wilcox , draper & grocer

Harris William , beer retailer

Harrisson Louisa ( Mrs. ) , miller , Eight sail & steam mills

Henley Brothers , grocers

Henley Frances ( Mrs. ) , milliner

Hickson Richard , farmer

Hinse Charles , tailor & woollen draper

Hipworth Elizabeth ( Mrs . ) , confectioner

Hoff ElizaSmith ( Miss ) , grocer & draper

Hoff Mary Ann Smith ( Miss ) , postmistrs

Hoff Matilda ( Miss ) , ladies ‘ school

Holmes Esther ( Mrs. ) , china & glass dir

Hood Robert Barclay , auctioneer

Horry Henry John , baker

Mills Alfred , esq

Mills Mrs. Susannali

Morton Rev. James , B.D. [ vicar ]

Newton Mrs. Ann

Paxton Mr. Viney

Hortor Elizabeth ( Mrs. ) , shopkeeper

Hamphries James , Crown commercial inn

Hunt Amos , blacksmith

Jackson Henry , draper & grocer

Jackson Jane ( Mrs. ) , shoe warehouse

Jackson Mary ( Mrs. ) , Chequers commercial inn & posting house , & inland revenue office

Jackson William , farmer

Jarvis Mary ( Mrs. ) , shopkeeper

Jeeks Thomas , plumber , painter & glazier

Jefferys John , farmer

King Jeremiah , beer retailer

Kirton Wm.agricultural Implement mkr

Lawson John , shoemaker

Leach Jared , tailor

Long James John , bookseller , stationer & printer , & news rooms

Macdonald John Charles , bookseller , printer & auctioneer

Makeman Ann ( Mrs. ) , glass & china dir

Mashford John , Carpenters Arms ‘

May Thomas Gray , shopkeeper

Mayson George , tailor

Mayson James , shoemaker

Measures Edwin , hairdresser

Merryman Charles , farmer

Millns Robert , grocer

Mills Alfred , agent to Gurneys & Co. bankers , & sub – distributor of stamps

Mosley William , boot & shoe maker

Motley William , Horse & Groom inn

Naylor Thomas , beer retailer

Offey William , tallow chandler

Oliver George , Black Bull , & tinplate worker

Pape Levi , farmer

Parnell Samuel , gardener

Patchett David , farmer

Patterson William , painter & paper hanger

Peck William , beer retailer

Peet Major Flintham , wine & spirit merchant

Phillips John , hairdresser

Phillips Joseph Ballimore , baker

Picket Henrietta ( Mrs. ) , staymaker

Pocklington Frederick John , tailor

Porter James , beer retailer

Presgrave Henry , butcher

Presurave William , shopkeeper

Ravell Richard , miller

Ravell Sarah ( Miss ) , milliner

Regester Thomas , grocer , draper &  tailor

Richards Rev. Thomas Wallis , M.A  head master of Grammar school

Rippin James , watchmaker

Rippin William , watchmaker

Roberts Robert , brewer , & collector of poors ‘ rates

Robinson Joseph , beer retailer

Rose William , horse breaker

Sands Henry , shoemaker

Sargeson Thos . Talbot commercial inn

Savage Thomas , farmer

Sherhod Henry , tailor

Shilcock William , cooper

Smith John , elater

Smith Robert , farmer

Snarey William , ironmonger & tinplate worker

Speight & Pennington , saddlers & harness makers

Speight William , ‘ Bell ‘

Stephenson William , tailor

Starton & Key , solicitors

Taylor James , beer retailer

Tennant John , boot & shoemaker

Thomas Frank , farmer & glazier

Thompson Edward , butcher & farmer

Thompson Edward , jun . butcher

Thompson Henry Bishop , cooper

Thornton John , accountant

Tinesley William , farmer

Towns Thomas , shoemaker

Townsen Jane ( Mrs. ) , brickmaker

Tubbs Wilkinson , shoemaker

Taxford Joseph , miller & farmer

Vise Ambrose Blithe , surgeon

Vise Edward , surgeon

Vise Edward Blithe , surgeon

Walden Jeremiah , beer retailer

Walker John , parish clerk

Walker William , coal dealer

Waterman Thomas , chemist & druggist

Watson & King , stonemasons

Watson Thomas , surgeon

Webb Chas . registrar of births & deaths , & second master of Grammar school

Webster Sarah Watson ( Mrs. ) , baker

Welch Charles , high bailiff to county court

Wilkinson Kirkley , boot & shos maker & town crier

White Samuel , basket maker

Wood Michael , chemist

Woodward Joseph , machine maker & general smith 

Wray Thomas , wheelwright

Holbeach Bank TRADERS:

Cooper Robert , shopkeeper

Cope Thomas , cattle dealer

Harris Richard , farmer

White Peter , butcher

Worth William Cotman , farmer

Holbeach Clough TRADERS:

Parr Thomas , Three Tuns ‘

Pine Thomas , butcher

Waite Samuel , heer retailer

Wilmore David , shopkeeper

Penny Hill TRADERS:

Bailey John , blacksmith

Head Henry , ‘ Bull Neck ‘

Holmond John , ‘ Star ‘

Keal Robert , farmer

Slator Henry , brewer

Tatham Charles Hardy , miller & baker

Holbeach Drove TRADERS :

Clark Thomas , shopkeeper & carrier

Eason William , farmer

Frunk John , farmer

Halter William , shopkeeper

Harris William , beer retailer

Johnson Edmund , farmer

Laws William , farmer

Leatherland James , farmer

Mackman Joseph , farmer

Mendham Robert , ‘ Ram ‘

Plant Charles , blacksmith

Ravensdale Thomas , farmer

Seaton William , farmer

Tinsley Henry , farmer

Holbeach Hurn TRADERS:

Banks Thomas Christopher , farmer

Barker Everett , butcher

Blake John , shoemaker

Cook Thomas , shopkeeper

Hoyte Kilham , shopkeeper

Hunter Thomas , farmer

Kemp Thomas , farmer

Parr George , Rose & Crown ‘

Redhead Thomas , farmer

Stephenson Robert , beer retailer

Watson John , miller & baker

Watson Thomas , farmer

Whitby George , blacksmith

Holbeach Marsh TRADERS:

Bailey Joseph , farmer

Bailey William , farmer

Benyen Joseph Burtt , farmer , White House lodge

Boon & Hunter , blacksmiths

Bowser William , farmer

Brown George , farmer

Carbutt William , farmer

Cook Isaac , farmer

Crawley William , farmer

Eiliff Henry , farmer

Elliff Joseph , farmer

Elliff William , farmer

Goulding Robert , farmer

Harrison Seth , farmer

Higdon Francis , farmer

Holah James , farmer

Kemp Ann ( Mrs. ) , ” Harvest Man ‘

Longbottom Jonathan , farmer

Lundy Robert , farmer

Meatheringham Wm . Boulding , farmer

Mossop Ann ( Mrs. ) , farmer

Naylor Walter , farmer

Parkins Benjamin , farmer

Pitts William , farmer

Porter James , Pear Tree House ‘

Robinson Vincent , farmer

Savage Seth Holliday , farmer

Teesdale John , farmer

Thomas Francis , farmer

Tinsley George , farmer

Tinsley Henry Cale , farmer

Tinsley William , jun . farmer

Ward John , farmer

Ward Jonathan , farmer

Ward Richard , farmer

Woolley John Austin , farmer

Worth William , farmer

Holbeach St. John’s TRADERS:

Bailey John , farmer

Boardman John , farmer

Barnett Richard , farmer

Burgess William , farmer

Collins Rich.blacksmith & beer retailer

Cox George , farmer

Darley John , farmer

Garner Henry , farmer

Gott Mathew , farmer

Grundy Stephen , farmer

Hunter Francis , farmer

Ludlow Thomas ,   ‘Plough ‘

Priestly George , farmer

Rogers George , farmer

Rose Frederick , farmer

Roughton Jeremiah , miller

Tagg Abraham , farmer

Taylor John , farmer

Tinsley Henry , farmer

Vise Jacob Davey , farmer

Wraithby Thomas , farmer

Wright Rowland , farmer

Holbeach Washway

Bristow William , farmer

Burton Priscilla ( Mrs. ) , farmer

Cain Joseph , gardener

Clark William , farmer

Craven Joseph , farmer

Kirkley William , farmer

Pennington John , farmer

Tyrer Jonathan , farmer

Welch William , farmer

Woods Samuel , wheelwright

POST OFFICE. – Miss Mary Ann Smith Hoff, postmistress. London mail arrives vid Wisbech at 7 a.m.; dispatched at past 6 p.m. Spalding mail arrives at 2 p.m.; dispatched at 10 a.m. Box closes for London at 6 p.m., but letters may be posted till 20 min. past 6, by affixing an extra 1d. stamp. Money orders issued & paid from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., sundays excepted.
BANKERS – Gurneys ‘, Birkbeck & Peckovers ‘ ( AlfredMills, agent ); draw on Barclay & Co. 54 Lombard street
Inland Revenue Office, Chequers inn, Samuel Cooke,officer
News Room, James John Long, proprietor
Atlas Fire & Life, Robert Millne, accountant
County Fire & Provident Life, Richard Hickson, farmer
Economic Life, Edward Vise, surgeon
General Hailstorm Insurance, & Norwich Union Fire& Life. Alfred Mills
Globe Fire & Life, Thomas Waterman, chemist
Hand in Hand Life, & Law Life, Sturton & Key, solicitors
Indisputable Life, & Westminster Fire & Life, John Charles Macdonald, bookseller

London Mutual Life & Guarantee, Tho. W. Hardy, draper
Medical Invalid Life, Thomas Watson, surgeon
Medical, Legal & General Mutual Life, Anchor Fire, & Railway Passengers ‘ Life, Thomas W. Curtis, chemist
Midland Countier, Robert Roberts, brewer
Minerva Life, Henry Jackson, linendraper
Monarch Fire & Life, Charles Coop, schoolmaster
Mutual Life, R. Caparn, solicitor
Norfolk Farmers ‘ Cattle, Robert Millns, accountant
Phoenix Fire, & Argus Life, Frederick Wilson Beeston, Auctioneer
Prudential Fire & Life, William Bingham, accountant
Scottish Provincial Fire & Life, Charles Webb, schlmstr
Sun Fire & Mutual Life, & Solicitors ‘ & General Life, Richard Caparn, solicitor
Scottish Amicable Life, Michael Wood, chemist
Yorkshire Fire & Life, James John Long, accountant
Masters Extraordinary in Chancery, Sturton & Key, solicitors; Richard Caparn, solicitor
Clerk to the Board of Health, Edward Key, solicitor
Clerk to the Burial Board, E. G. Ayliff, solicitor
Clerk to the County Court, Edward Key, solicitor
Clerk to the Guardians, Edward Key, solicitor
Clerks to the Holbeach Turnpike Trust, Richard Caparn & Edmund George Ayliff, solicitors
Clerk & Treasurer to the Holbeach Horse Association, Edward Key, solicitor
Commissioners for taking Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women, Starton & Key, solicitors; Richard Caparn, solicitor
Collector of Rates, Robert Roberts, brewer
Registrar of Births & Deaths, Charles Webb, schoolmstr
Registrar of Marriages, Edward Blithe Vise, surgeon
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marringes for the Holbeach Union, Edward Key, solicitor
Treasurer to the Holbeach Turnpike Trustees, Thomas Starton, solicitor
Vestry Clerk & Clerk to the Holbeach Association for the Prosecution of Felons, Edward Key, solicitor
Sub – Distributor of Stamps, Alfred Mills
National ( for girls ), Miss Eliza Fox, mistress

Holbeach Free School ( for boys ), Rev. Thomas Wallis
Richards, M.A. head master; Charles Webb, second master
All Saints ‘ Church, Rev. James Morton, B.D. vicar
Rev. Thomas Wallis Richards, M.A. curate
General Baptist Chapel, Rev. Ebenezer Davis
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Rev. William Jones
Wesleyan Chapel, Rev. Felix Herring Pickworth
COACH – Royal Mail, passes through from Lynn to Spalding, 10 morn.; returns 2 aft
Cotton, to Spalding, daily
Black, to Boston, wed. & sat.; to Lvnn, mon. & thurs.; to Spalding, tues, thurs. & sat.; to Wisbech, wed. & sat
Gibbons, to Boston, wed. & sat.; to Lynn, mon. & thurs.; to Spalding, tuesday & saturday
Bostock, from Long Sutton to Spalding, tuesday morning; returns in the afternoon
RAILWAYS – Great Northern at Spalding; Eastern Counties at Wisbech

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