Old Images of Boston, Lincolnshire

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old picture of Boston Lincolnshire 1813 church and bridge
Monograph titled “The view of the church and bridge at Boston”, from page 180 of "The History of Lincolnshire, topographical, historical, and descriptive" by William Marrat of Boston, published 1st March 1813, now in the archives of the British Library

Glimpse history through old images of Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

Boston Fair 1928

In 1928, the Mayor officially opened the Boston Fair, which was one of the few Charter Fairs, established by Royal Charter, still in existence.

There’s a brief glimpse of a banner which says “….to keep the STUMP UP..£30,00(0) URGENTLY N(EEDED)”.

It’s referring to the the tower at St Botolph’s Church, known as the Boston Stump. £30,000 was an astonishing amount of money in 1928, when a nice house cost a few hundred pounds.

As the Mayor talks, we see his wife beaming at the camera.

After a quick shot of the crowds, the Mayor is joined on the Merry-go-round horses by several other middle aged men.

It ends with a visual sweep across the site, where the event is very well attended.

Boston fair is opened by proclamation of the Mayor (1928) – – British Pathé (YouTube)

At the time of posting, this film had been watched just 25 times – despite being publicly available for more than a year. I regularly come across these little gems that deserve more views, which is why I created LocalHistoryVideos.com.

Boston Sleepers 1933

In just over a minute and a half, see how wooden sleepers for the East Coast railway lines used to be produced on the outskirts of Boston.

Notice the home made stairways to get to the top of the pile, and the onsite railway line.

It’s interesting to see how mecahnised the factory was, even though this was 1933.

You’ll notice the men work with sleepers swinging about in the air and open hot creosote tanks with absolutely no safety equipment at all.

Sleepers (1933) – British Pathé (YouTube)

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