Old Images of Horncastle, Lincolnshire

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Moor Tower at Tower-Moor near Horncastle Lincolnshire 1726
"Moor-Tower, on Tower-Moor near Horncastle, in the County of Lincoln" by Samuel Buck, published in London by S Buck in 1726, in the Topographical Collection of George III of the British Library

Glimpse history through old images of Horncastle in Lincolnshire, England.

Tea Pot Hall in 1938

Tea Pot Hall in Horncastle was last lived in by a family in the 1920s. Rumoured to be a seventeenth century building, it was destroyed by fire not long after this film was made.

Downstairs, there was just one room. The room in the loft was accessed by a ladder.

No one seems sure why the triangular house was built this way, but it attracted painters and photographers several times over its long life.

Triangle House Aka Trainele House (1938) – British Pathé (YouTube)

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