Old Images of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Old postcard of Doncaster Road Scunthorpe

Glimpse history through old images of Scunthorpe in the county of Lincolnshire, England.

Old Photos of Scunthorpe

We start with a video showcasing a wide range of old photos of Scunthorpe, taken across several decades and in many different locations. They are clearly titled so you always know where you are looking at, and when.

Scunthorpe Through The Ages – cappertain on YouTube

Royal Visit to Scunthorpe 1933

On a wet and windy day in 1933, Prince Geoge made an official visit to Scunthorpe.

This black and white archive footage shows the crowds of local adults and children who came out to wave their union jack flags as Prince George arrived.

Prince George’s Visit to Scunthorpe (1933) | Britain on Film – BFI on YouTube

Scunthorpe Steel Works in the 1940s

This 20 minute black and white film from the 1940s is held by the Huntley Film Archives.

Its narrative is of a young man escaping work in his father’s shop to become an apprentice fitter at the Scunthorpe Steel Works, with a bit of a struggle as he misses lots of classes to go out on his motorbike with his friend.

It shows a few glimpses of local streets and many aspects of the steel making processes inside the facility. We even see the steam locomotive pulling up in front of the steelworks.

Safety equipment seems limited to a pair of small framed sunglasses.

It’s also a good record of the local accents, funny phrases, and distinct class differences, with many speaking characters.

Scunthorpe Steel Works, 1940s – Film 30347 – HuntleyFilmArchives on YouTube

Scunthorpe Royal Visit 1958

In this footage from 1958, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh), visit Lincoln and Scunthorpe.

In Scunthorpe, the Royals visited the Appleby Frodingham Steel Works. They watched the Blast Furnace being tapped, and steel being rolled.

Royal Visit To Lincoln, Scunthorpe & Grimsby (1958) – British Pathé (YouTube)

Scunthorpe in the 1970s

The next video, just a brief clip, shows Scunthorpe’s skyline dominated by the steelworks.

The road is busy with cars, and crowds of pedestrians walk up the road.

Scunthorpe in the 1970’s. Archive film 99511 – HuntleyFilmArchives on YouTube

Scunthorpe in the 1980s

This short clip of silent colour film shows Scunthorpe Steelworks and local streets in the 1980s.

Scunthorpe Steelworks, 1980’s. Archive film 41290 – HuntleyFilmArchives on YouTube

Next is a silent clip of fans watching a football match from the Scunthorpe United grandstand.

Scunthorpe Football, 1980’s. Archive film 41252 – HuntleyFilmArchives on YouTube

Scunthorpe in 1993

This home video was made in 1993, during a drive around Scunthorpe’s town centre.

Includes the giant Safeway store, Baths Hall, shops, Henry Afrika’s nightclub, the Magistrates’ Courts, the Civic Theatre, the Fire Station, and many houses and shops.

Drive around Scunthorpe Town Centre 1993 – Rachel Johnson on YouTube

Scunthorpe in 2012

This home video was recoded in October 2012. It shows people going about their activities in Scunthorpe’s town centre on a rainy day.

Town Centre, Scunthorpe. – g2shf on YouTube

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