Old Images of Grimsby, Lincolnshire

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old postcard of Palmers Corner old Grimsby
Old postcard of Palmers Corner in old Grimsby, from Mark Crombie's extensive collection of old postcards on Flikr

Glimpse history through old images of the seaside town of Grimsby, in the east English county of Lincolnshire.

Grimsby Dock Through Time

Grimsby Royal Dock: A Journey Through Time: The Time Travel Artist (YouTube)

Secondary Modern School 1959

For five years during the 1950s, pupils at the Chemsford Avenue Secondary Modern School in Grimsby built a ‘Roman style’ open air theatre for 2,000 spectators.

English and Drama teacher Colin Laycock, and Headteacher Mr Kingsland, oversaw a project which included

  • fencing
  • making cement moulds
  • cementing balustrades
  • fixing stage lights
  • painting
  • gardening
  • building a lily pond and fountain

The boys borrowed picks, shovels, and other euipment from home. Needless to say, there is a complete absence of safety gear, not even a pair of gloves.

In addition to school time, the boys also spend weekends and evenings helping with the project.

At the end of the project, some of the boys are filmed rehearsing a scene from Julius Caesar.

Along with an insight into the practical nature of Secondary Modern education at the time (although as one relative said to me, he spent time at school building a cricket pavilion when he should have been working for qualifications), it’s also interesting to hear the narrator talk of the theatres being torn down for office blocks.

School Open Air Theatre (1959) – British Pathé (YouTube)

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