Old Images of Anaheim, California

Closeup of a birdseye view panorama photo of Anaheim, California, circa 1915

Glimpse history through old images of Anaheim, California, USA.

Old Photos of Anaheim

A Bit of Anaheim History

Extract from

Transactions of the California State Agricultural Society“,

Published in 1861

Pages 74 & 75

“Anaheim. This place, situated about thirty miles equidistant from Los
Angeles and San Pedro, the landing place, in a southeasterly direction,
was settled three years since by a colony of Germans from San Francisco.

The tract of land was purchased by an association, and consists of one
thousand one hundred and sixty – five acres, at a cost of two dollars and a
half per acre. It is in the form of an oblong square, and is situated on
the great plain, a short distance east of the Santa Anna River.

A large canal takes the water out of the river seven miles above, and brings it to
all parts of the Anaheim tract, for purposes of irrigation. The soil is of
a light, sandy, porous nature, intermixed with decomposed calcareous substances, and doubtless will produce large crops of grapes. The place being
in the scope of the ocean breezes, there will not be as great a necessity
for irrigating as those cultivating the land seem to think.

Twenty acres are laid off in the center for town lots, one of which is reserved for each shareholder; other lots are appropriated for a school – house and other
public purposes.

The rest of the tract has been surveyed into twenty
acre lots, on each of which there have been planted seven thousand four
hundred and forty – six vines, the balance of each lot being kept vacant
to be improved as each proprietor sees fit.

For the first two years a general Superintendent was employed, who had charge of the entire operation, the different shareholders paying in stated assessments to carry on the enterprise.

The whole outlay of capital has been about ninety thousand dollars. A division of the property has been made, and the association dissolved, so that the proprietors now have charge of their lots themselves.

Twenty proprietors have already moved on to their places.

There is a fine hotel, two stores, blacksmith’s shop, shoemakers, saddlers,
carpenters, and other mechanical operatives, in the place.

Fruit trees,
flowers, vegetables, and tobacco, were flourishing finely on various places
at this town.

The enterprise is a great success, and those residing on their property
seem contented and hopeful.”

History of Anaheim

The Muzeo Museum created a short documentary, about 20 minutes long, covering Anaheim’s history through stories, photos, and artifacts.

Anaheim: A Walk Through Local History (Virtual Tour) – Muzeo Museum

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