Old Images of Riverside, California

Vintage Postcard of Orange Street, Riverside, California, circa 1909

Glimpse history through old images of Riverside, California, in the USA.

Old Photos of Riverside

Old Postcards of Riverside

America’s First Koreatown

Did you know America’s First Koreatown was established in Riverside?

In a video from 2022, PBS discusses the recent discovery of America’s first Koreatown through a new exhibit in Southern California, and highlights the role of a map from 1908 in uncovering this integral part of Korean American history.

The community was called Pechapa Camp. Based in Riverside, it was the first Korean settlement in the United States and served as a model community with an emphasis on positive virtues, challenging discrimination against Asians and coinciding with the movement for Korean independence from Japan.

Korean immigrants, including the renowned independence leader Dosan, had established a community in Riverside.

Graduate student interns have translated old Korean newspapers to uncover this overlooked history.

The discovery of a gravestone belonging to a community pastor who was also a pro independence activist reveals the hidden history of Korean immigrants organizing for independence in Riverside, California.

It was the largest enclave of Koreans on the US mainland before the establishment of Korea Town in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

‘Buried past’ of America’s first Koreatown uncovered in California’s Riverside – PBS NewsHour on YouTube

Vintage Film: Riverside County Fair

The Coachella Valley History Museum archives held this 16mm cine film, recording a County Fair from the middle of the twentieth century.

Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival History – 16MM Film 1949-1960 – Riverside County Office of Economic Development on YouTube

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