Old Images of Santa Rosa, Califonia

Bird's eye view of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, 1876

Glimpse history through old images of Santa Rosa, California, in the USA.

Earthquake of 1906

On Wednesday April 18 1906, at 5.12 a.m., the coast of Northern California was struck by a major earthquake with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.9.

Santa Rosa’s entire downtown collapsed. Although the number of fatalities was surprisingly small given the damage, for the next few years the population growth was slow.

Luther Burbank

Luther Burbank bought a four acre plot of land on the southern edge of Santa Rosa in 1885.

He built a greenhouse just south of his house in 1889, and spend the next four decades working as a nurseryman and horticulturist.

After he died in 1926, his wife Elizabeth remodelled both the residence, greenhouse, and surroundings.

Elizabeth died in 1977, when the residence passed to the city of Santa Rosa.

History of Santa Rosa

History of Santa Rosa – Historical Society of Santa Rosa on YouTube

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