Old Images of Los Angeles

Old picture of Los Angeles California circa 1888

Glimpse history through old images of Los Angeles, Califoria, USA.

Old Photos of Los Angeles

Maps 1871 to 1948

Each one of these illustrated maps of Los Angeles, created between 1871 and 1948, are beautiful works of art as well as highly informative.

But by putting them together, you can see how the city grew incredibly quickly, even before the entertainment industry arrived.

How Los Angeles grew 70000% in 150 years – using old maps – Yestervid on YouTube

Oldest Footage of Los Angeles

Not only do you get to see some of the oldest footage ever recorded in the area, but the video has pinpointed the locations on maps and added dates, so you can see how places changed beyond all recognition.

You’ll also see occasional split screens, showing a location today next to the old image.

Oldest Footage of Los Angeles ever – Yestervid on YouTube

1933 Earthquake

March 1933 brought havoc to Southern California. Earthquake damage from Long Beach to Los Angeles reduced many homes and businesses to rubble.

As rescue workers toiled through the night, armed guards patrolled the streets against looters. Scored of people dies, thousands were injured.

Los Angeles Rocked by Earthquake – 1933 – Historic Films Stock Footage Archive

1960s Los Angeles

In 1965, a French filmmaker recorded his holiday.

Images include the Walk of Fame, Sunset Boulevard, Hotel Rosslyn, a Continental Trailways bus, 6th Street, Hotel Wayward, lots of cars and pedestrians.

Los Angeles 1965 archive footage – Footageforpro.com on YouTube

1970s Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California 1977 – Mackenzie Rough on YouTube

1980s Los Angeles

The first video in this section is a visit to several tourist destination in 1982.

Los Angeles 1982 archive footage – Footageforpro.com on YouTube

Driving into Los Angeles, 1980s California Highways, 35mm – thekinolibrary on YouTube

And the final item in this section was recorded during a drive in 1989.

Los Angeles 1989 – DAZ S on YouTube

1990s Los Angeles

Driving on Hollywood Boulevard, 1980s, Los Angeles, HD – thekinolibrary on YouTube

1990s Los Angeles Highway Driving, California in HD from 35mm – thekinolibrary on YouTube

Belle Buford Thom Collins

Belle Buford Thom Collins grew up in Los Angeles in the 1880s. Her father was Cameron Erskine Thom, a lawyer, and the Mayor of Los Angeles.

In 1964, she recorded some of her memories, at the request of her niece Rowena.

She remembers Main Street’s sidewalks being just wooden boards, with horses tied up all along the street.

Her father was the lawyer for Hamil and Denker, who owned the majority of land in Beverly Hills. Belle remembered the enormous dairy farm with its dirt roads which was later replaced by the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The choice of photos accompanying Belle’s voice is perfect, bringing her memories to life for us to share.

Hdoc: Growing Up in Downtown Los Angeles During the 1880s – The Huntington on YouTube

Old Photos of Los Angeles

25 AMAZING Historical Photos of Los Angeles about 1900 – WorldOfPics on YouTube

Top 30 Old Photos From LOS ANGELES PHOTOGRAPHY Which Will Blow Your Mind | LA Photography School – Amazing FunFacts on YouTube

Old Photos Of Los Angeles California | Unseen & Rare – Explained Easy on YouTube


200 Pre-World War II Photos

This 42 minute deep dive into the history and old images of Los Angeles includes more than 200 old photos taken from the modern city’s earliest days up to World War II.

LOS ANGELES: OLDEST KNOWN PHOTOGRAPHS, A true Old World compilation, Antiquitech, Aqueduct, Tunnels – Jarid Boosters on YouTube

Then & Now

This is a brilliant split screen creation, showing vintage film of driving along Los Angeles streets seventy years ago, next to modern footage of the same drive.

It’s utterly astonishing how much has changed, and how many beautiful buildings have been swept away for bland architecture.

Seventy Years of Los Angeles, Then and Now | The New Yorker – The New Yorker on YouTube

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