Linslade Locals in the News

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In 1957 the Bedfordshire village of Linslade saw the arrival of newsreel filmmakers, thanks to the determination of one young worker to provide for his family.

Bedfordshire – Farmer With Courage (1957): British Pathé

Farm worker Graham White set out for the 1957 harvest – just nine months after a horrific accident with a muck spreading machine which cost him both of his legs.

Jamming his head against the wheel saved his life. Over the next weeks and months he worked hard to quickly learn to walk with prosthetic legs. By the time of the 1957 harvest, Graham White could ride a bicycle and drive a combine harvester.

He apparently exchanged letters with the legendary Sir Douglas Bader, who fought as an RAF pilot in the Second World War, despite having lost both legs in an air crash in 1931.

In this short film we also see Graham’s wife and baby at the door of their Linslade cottage, and Graham’s brother Paul White with him working on the farm.