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Bedford Gifts: Online Presents & Gift Ideas

Bedford Gifts

If you’re tracking down the ideal gift for someone who is proud of their Bedford roots, or trying to find that perfect gift for an older relative who enjoys reminiscing about their childhood in the Bedfordshire town, this page about Bedford gifts is for you!

Thanks for visiting LocalHistoryVideos.com.  As an avid history fan I love to mention and link to gift ideas which I think history enthusiasts will love.  Assume the links on this page are affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you click and buy.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It helps pay the running costs of this site, and in return I’ll keep unearthing all those vintage films which deserve to be widely appreciated.

3 Metres of Bedfordshire Flags

Ideal for celebrations and special events – fly your county flag!

There are 10 flags, each 100% polyester and 6″ x 9″ in size, fixed onto a 3 metre length of bunting. They are secured by quality double stitched taping, and leave enough room at each end for you to tie them in place.


This cute little teddy with his amusing T-shirt is an ideal gift for office colleagues and friends at home.

Looking back at Bedford DVD

This DVD makes an ideal gift for an older relative who wants to relive their memories of their earlier days, and surprises younger generations by showing how much has changed in a relatively short period of time. History buffs will delight in the stories of the town’s foundation and development.

Director David Glover worked with the Bedfordfordshire Times & Citizen to pull together a fascinating collection of rare cine film, old photos and important events.

Secret Bedford, by Paul Adams

You probably know about Bedford’s lace industry and perhaps the town’s connections to notable figures such as John Bunyan and John Howard. 

But in this paperback, local author Paul Adams delves deeper into the stories and events of Bedford’s past. Blending dark deeds, strange tales and long-forgotten facts, he’ll take you on an entertaining journey into the town’s hidden history.

Bedford: Britain in Old Photographs, by Richard Wildman

Whether you want to see what the community looked like in the old days, or discover more about the local buildings and their history, this is a fascinating book of old photographs to bring local history to life.

Available in both paperback and hardback, this is an excellent choice of gift for birthdays and Christmas.

The Story of the Oxford to Cambridge Railway – DVD

To celebrate East West Rail’s multi million pound project to connect Oxford and Cambridge by rail in the 2020s – via Bicester, Milton Keynes and Bedford – this video from the 1990s has been released on DVD!

Much of the original railway route closed in 1967/8 following the Beeching Report, which altogether saw 5,000 miles of track and more than 2,300 stations disappear from UK railway services in less than a decade. 

In this DVD, the original route from Oxford to Cambridge, via Bicester, Bletchley and Bedford and all locations in between, is revealed through old photographs, archive film and video footage.

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