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Following on from our look at old photos and vintage film of Bedford, here we move our attention to the 1980s people and places of the popular Bedfordshire county town. What can you spot that has changed dramatically – or are you surprised by how much is still the same?

Bedford River Festival 1984Pt1

Crowds turned out in force to enjoy the 1984 Bedford River Festival parade.

Posted to YouTube on 16 February 2014 by Emerton321. 

Bedford River Festival 1984Pt2”

More of the entertainments taking place at the River Festival back in 1984.

Posted to YouTube on 16 Feb 2014 by Emerton321.

Bedford UK Town Centre 1985 full version.”

“Further to other enquiries, I have no idea who the singing students were, we told them we were making an avant-garde film and recorded what they did!”


Posted to YouTube on 15 May 2014 by Emerton321.

Back in 1985, a young man held a JVC video camera with a cable connector to a full-size VHS recorder running a 12v lead-acid battery. Meanwhile, his cousin Lee, bass player with Bedford band ‘The Life of Riley’, drove the car.

They pass the embankment site of the demolished Plaza. It was also known at various points as the Century, and The Nite Spot. There is red paint on the wall, the last remnants of the projection room. 

The museum also appears. You can see it from the other side of the river in a YouTube video called “Bedford River Festival 1984 raft race”.

Bedford UK 1985 town centre”

See what the town centre looked like back in 1985.

Posted to YouTube on 4 Jul 2009 by TVBedford.

Bedford UK Town Centre 1985 Part 2”

Posted to YouTube on 23 Oct 2013 by Emerton321.

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