Old images of Hastings, East Sussex

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Step back in time with these fascinating old images of Hastings Pier in East Sussex.

More Than A Century Ago

Step back to somewhere between 1910 and 1919. The ladies wear long skirts almost to the ground, and every man, woman and child wears a hat. Hastings offers a lovely holiday destination, packed with history, and sport, and pretty gardens.

Hastings (1910-1919): British Pathé (YouTube)

Visit by Prince of Wales (1927)

The Prince of Wales (later – and briefly – King Edward VIII) was greeted by large and orderly crowds of wellwishers in 1927.

Prince of Wales visits Hastings (1927): British Pathé (YouTube)

Beauty Queens Visit Hastings (1934)

Young beautiful women from several European countries took part in the beauty contest for the 1934 Carinal, where they were welcomed by the Lord Mayor.

Hastings Again Invaded 1066 – 1934 (1934): British Pathé (YouTube)

The choice of film title is somewhat at odds with the warm words of the Lord Mayor as he greets his European visitors!

1946 Vision For The Future

See footage of the town’s streets in 1946. Then scenes of the planners’ model as they discuss their horrifying plans to put the motor vehicle at the heart of urban planning.

Model Of The New Hastings (1946): British Pathé (YouTube)

Fishermen 1947

Following the end of World War I, the planners tried to remove fishermen from The Stade. But the fishermen were not about to give up a way of life that had existed at that location for centuries. It took 25 years to resolve the issue, with the fishermen allowed to stay.

Hastings Fishing Village Issue Title Pathe Pictorial Goes To Sea (1947): British Pathé (YouTube)

1950 Carnival

Huge numbers of participants and spectators turned out for the Hasting Carnival in 1950.

Annual Carnival at Hastings (1950): British Pathé

Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier: A Journey through Time! The Time Travel Artist (YouTube)

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