Old Images of Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Old photo postcard of the Esplanade Frinton-on-Sea c1911

Glimpse history through old images Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, England.

Old Postcards of Frinton-on-Sea

Enjoy a selection of old postcards produced by the Raphael Tuck & Sons company, showing Frinton’s heyday as a small seaside resort.

Frinton on Sea postcards by Raphael Tuck & Sons. – Clacton Then & Now on YouTube

Tennis Star 1933

Eileen Bennett Whittingstall was a tennis star in the 1920s and ’30s, winning six Grand Slam doubles titles from 1927 to 1931.

In 1933 she caused a stir by playing a tournament tennis match at Frinton-on-Sea wearing a pair of shorts. Other female tennis players were wearing long skirts well below the knee.

Born in 1907, Eileen Bennett was married to the painter Edmund Fearnley-Whittingstall from 1929 to 1936. Later that year she married racehorse trainer Marcus March, but the marriage ended shortly after the birth of their daughter in early 1937. Ten years later she married Mr Geoffrey Ackroyd, before her fourth and final marriage in 1957 to Mr Carl Vyvyan Forslind, which lasted until her death in 1979.

What Do You Think? (1933) – British Pathé on YouTube

Frinton’s Beaches 1937

The popularity of the sandy beaches at Frinton-on-Sea is evident from this short newsreel.

There’s also a look at the popular Under-16s tennis activities.

Young people on holiday at Frinton (1937) – British Pathé on YouTube

Historic Books about Frinton-on-Sea

Extract from: Essex Review, Volumes 1–3

Published in 1892

Pages 261- 262

Frinton – on – Sea Church . – Frinton Church , in Essex , is one of the smallest
in England . It has sometimes been asserted that it is the smallest of all , but
this would appear not to be the case . Mr. G. Byng Gattie , of Hastings , writing
in The Building News , says that the smallest church in the country is that of
Lullington , a parish in the Eastbourne Union , lying under the shelter of the
great Sussex Downs .

The dimensions of the edifice are : -From east to west ,
16 ft . 6 in .; from north to south , 16 ít .

The patronage of the living is vested in
the Crown , the value about 60 or £ 70 per annum ; the population is believed to
be under twenty , and at the usual fortnightly Sunday service the attendance is
somewhat less .

The appearance of this communication led us to write to the Rev. T. II . Cook , rector of Frinton , asking him for some particulars about his
church , and he has responded in the following most interesting letter :

The Rectory , Frinton – on – Sea , Colchester ,
19th Sept. , 1893 .

Dear Sir , In reply to your letter of yesterday , the length of Frinton Church
nave is 25 ft .; width , 184 ft .; from wall plate to floor , 11 ft . 4 in .: from ridge to
floor , 23 ft . 6 in .

Up to about 12 cr 14 years ago the nave was three feet
shorter than it is now , and I have understood that a ceiling extended from the
wall plates . Then the roof was rebuilt and a pretty chancel was added , 13 ft . by
11 ft .

It is said that the chancel existing in the last century was blown down
in the latter part of it .

Our population is small , but increasing ; and I should
say we have double the number of residents in the season to those who live here
out of it . By residents , I mean people who own or hire houses here all the year
round , but who come to us only from time to time .

In fact , we cannot at such
times accommodate more than half of those who would come to church . We
are , therefore , making an effort to double the length of our nave , which will
make the proportions better , and increase the accommodation .

I hear that a
report has got into some Essex paper that a lady has offered to find the sum
required for this . This is not true , and is calculated to hinder us , in stopping the
flow of contributions , which are much needed .

– Yours faithfully , T. H. COOK .

We quote the subjoined from the People’s History of Essex : ” Of Frinton church
upon the cliffs a storm in 1703 left only a wreck of the west end , with accommo
dation for about a dozen worshippers . ” – Essex County Chronicle , Sept. 22 , 1893 .

Extract from: The Golfing Annual – Volume 10

Published in 1897

Pages 284 – 285

Annual Subscription , 11. 1s .; Ladies , 108. 6d . Number
of Members , 130 ( including ladies ) . President – H . G.
Hutchinson . Captain – E . C. Homer . Hon . Secretary
W. Walden , The Gables , Frinton – on – Sea . Greenkeeper
G. Parminter .
1895 .

Frinton is a quiet little seaside resort , about seventeen miles from
Colchester , and can be reached in two hours from Liverpool – street
Station , London .

The course , of nine holes , has only recently
been completed . It is laid out on private land , and extends to 2620
yards .

The hazards are bunkers , dykes , or fleets , as they are locally
called , and a double hedge . The greens are large and well kept ,
and the lies through the green are good .

The club – rooms are at the
Grand Hotel , a fine building on the sea front , and special terms are
made here for members of the club .

Members of recognised Golf Clubs are permitted to play over the green for three consecutive days
free of charge , thereafter a charge of five shillings a week is imposed ;
ladies , two shillings and sixpence .

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