Old Images of Wickford, Essex

Old photo postcard of Wickford Essex circa 1910

Glimpse history through old images of Wickford, Essex, England.

Wickford Floods 1958

Three days of rain led to Wickford’s fourth bout of flooding during the summer of 1958. Residents blamed the large scale of housebuilding that had been happening in the area.

Maynard’s Drapery, the Gresham Cafe, and Barber’s General Stores were hit, along with households and main streets.

This still doesn’t stop a double decker bus valiantly carrying on like nothing is happening!

“Flood Town” Protests (1958) – British Pathé on YouTube

Historic Book

Extract from:

The Winthrop Papers

Published in 1865

Page 113

Thomas Reade, the youngest son of Edmund Reade of Wickford, Essex, England, served as a colonel in the Parliamentary Army.

He held the position of Governor of Stirling Castle for several years. It is also noted that he served under General Monk during the events related to the Restoration.

His sister, Elizabeth, became the second wife of John Winthrop, Jr., and Fitz John Winthrop, who received several of the letters mentioned, was a captain in his regiment.

After Col. Thomas Reade’s passing, his mother, the widow of Edmund Reade, married Hugh Peter. Col. Thomas Reade is documented to have passed away before December 1677.

(Source: Winthrop’s History of New England, i. 65; Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1862-63, pp. 254-258.)

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