Old Images of Walker, Tyneside

The Tyne at Walker Quay 1835

Enjoy a glimpse of history through old images of Walker, on Tyneside, with some views of nearby Walkergate too.

Walker is a residential suburb to the east of Newcastle Upon Tyne’s city centre. Once a busy hub of industry, the loss of the ship-building industry has had a dramatic impact on the everyday lives of local residents.

Old Picture of Scrogg Road c.1860

This picture was drawn sometime around 1860, and shows people walking through deserted lanes towards rural cottages, surrounded by trees.

Old Photo of Wincomblee Village 1898

By 1898, there’s not a tree in sight in nearby Wincomblee Village. The whole landscape is industrial, with high chimneys rising into the sky.

Laying a Cruiser’s Keel 1934

In 1934, a cruiser’s keel was laid in a formal ceremony at the Walker Naval Yard.

This involved speeches and a formal laying of the keel, so the men at the shipyard could begin work on the new cruiser.

British Pathé on YouTube: “WORK FOR 2,000 – Cruiser’s keel laid at Walker Naval Yard, Newcastle.”

HMS Newcastle Launched 1936

The launching of HMS Newcastle by the Duchess of Newcastle on a windy day in 1936 included a choir and lot of dignitaries.

British Pathé on YouTube: “HMS Newcastle Launched. Duchess of Newcastle names new Cruiser at Walker-on-Tyne”.

Two Destroyers Launched 1937

World War II was just a couple of years away as the Walker shipyards launched two naval destoyers, the ‘Eskimo’ and ‘Mashona’.

Lady Meade-Featherstonehaugh, the wife of Admiral Sir Herbert Meade-Featherstonehaugh, performed the naming ceremony as the ships launched.

Twin Destroyers Launched At Walker-On-Tyne (1937) – British Pathé on YouTube

Nazi Map of Walker 1941

This picture is an extract of a German series of maps made in 1941.

You can see Walker marked. Are the orange circles the shipyards?

I’ve added the German key of the purple symbols to the image too.

Militärgeographische Einzelangaben über England : militärgeographische Objektkarten mit Objektbildern, held in the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division

Old Walker Pubs

This video showcases old photos of pubs in the east end of Newcastle, around Walker and Byker.

Old Newcastle East End Pubs – Byker Scotty on YouTube

A Song for Walker

Dedicated to the memory of Neil Laidler, this is a folky song by James De Le North, inspired by his experiences and memories of growing up in Walker in the 1970s.

The images include the Railway pub in Walkerville, which borders Walker, because James’s grandad was the pub manager.

‘Walker’ by James De Le North – James De Le North. on YouTube

Kids Kabin 2008

The young people attending the Kids Kabin after school sessions in 2008 made this film to show some of the activites they enjoyed there.

Kids Kabin – GarryNE4 on YouTube

Adelphi Place 2010

This is a 2010 film clip recorded on a flip video camcorder.

Adelphi Place, Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne (2010) – Propertyfindersne. on YouTube

Walkergate School Snow 2011

The winter of 2010/2011 was a suprisingly hard one, after many years of mild winter seasons.

Snow first appeared at the end of November 2010, and just kept coming back.

Here’s the snow filmed outside Walkergate School in January 2011.

Winter Outside Walkergate School (2011) – MrPandadick on YouTube

Walker Industrial Estate 2011

A quick look at the Walker Industrial Estate businesses and roads in 2011.

Walker Riverside Industrial Estate – Tim Catterall on YouTube

Walker Images 2012

In 2012, photos in around Walker were set to extracts of the poem ‘Geordie’, read by the poem’s author Tom Kelly.

GEORDIE – CharlesHedley on YouTube

Abandoned Walkergate Hospital 2013

Walkergate hospital closed in 2011, having served the east of Newcastle upon Tyne for 130 years. Many of the NHS services provided there were transferred to new premises at Walkergate Park Centre and the Benfield Park Healthcare and Diagnostic Centre.

This video was made walking through the abadoned hospital in 2013.

In 2019, 8 years after Walkergate Hospital closed, the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust submitted a planning application to build 72 homes on the derelict site.

Walkergate Hospital – Sarah Jane Owen on YouTube

Impact of Redevelopment 

Large scale redevelopment projects always have an impact on local residents, especially those who feel uprooted and powerless over their fate.

This video looks at the rehousing of residents at Pottery Bank, in particular the late naval veteran Archibold Bell Carr, who wanted to stay in the home he’d brought his family up in.

Breaking the heart of Walker – Rhonda Quigley on YouTube

Walker Park 2014

A quick look at Walker Park on a winter’s day in 2014.

Walker Park, Newcastle upon Tyne (2014) – SMHD on YouTube

Walkergate Metro Station 2015

This short clip of the Walkergate metro station in 2015 includes Metrocars 4054 and 4075.

Tyne and Wear Metro-Metrocars 4054 and 4075 at Walkergate – CoachAlex1996 (AlexMetroman) on YouTube

Demolition Of St. Anthony’s House 2017

The tower block of flats called St. Anthony’s House was demolished in June 2017.

St. Anthony’s House – Chris Tweedy on YouTube

The Post Office Directory of Durham and Northumberland

by Kelly and Company

Published in 1879

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