Old Images of Redditch, Worcestershire

Redditch Worcestershire

Glimpse history through old images of Redditch, Worcestershire, England.

The Worcestershire town of Redditch was once known for its fishing tackle and needle industries. In the latter half of the twentieth century, the building of the Kingfisher Centre was to radically change the local shopping facilities. 

This selection of old film clips show a variety of times, places and people over the past half century.

The Streets of Redditch in 1968

This cine film was recorded from a taxi as it travelled down several Redditch streets. The editor has added photographs of some of the same locations in 2012, along with location titles, so you can see the transformation over time.

About halfway through you’ll see what the location of the Kingfisher Centre looked like before the developers arrived. 

Redditch Circa 1968: : DerekYoungandCo

And next there’s part 2, also from 1968.

In just over 3 minutes we see many different streets, nicely titled so you know where you are. Because it was filmed from a stationary position, the camera slowly pans round the homes and businesses. There are some glimpses of local residents too.

Redditch Circa 1968 – Part 2: DerekYoungandCo

Redditch in the 1960s

Enjoy a drive around the streets of Redditch back in the 1960s. Hundreds of cars, buses, shops, businesses and houses appear in just over seven minutes. There’s even a brief stop at the train station!

Tour of Redditch in the 1960s: Sydney Hughes on YouTube

Local Buses in 1990

This is a trailer for a DVD showing the buses at work in 1990.

In addition to the buses, you’ll also see what the environment and passengers looked like back then. Perhaps you recognise someone?

REDDITCH BUSES 1990: DaveSpencer32

Panto (2010)

This promotional event for the Christmas Panto – Mother Goose – took place in the Kingfisher Centre. Many of the children will now be grown up.

Mother Goose comes to Redditch: PHApantos on YouTube

Shopping in 2011

A mixture of video and photos takes us back to 2011. 

It was the time when sticking your feet in a tank of small fish in the shopping centre was a trend popping up all over the country.

Unfortunately, the new Woolworths building was empty after the business employing 27,000 staff nationwide went bust in the credit crunch. Over in the old Woolworth’s building, Tony’s Hanyman Centre was about to close, as the owner was retiring after 40 years of trading.

Heaphys Menswear opened in Redditch in 1831, during the reign of William IV, making it one of the town’s oldest businesses.

Redditch .wmv: 1950eliz on YouTube

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Thanks to Elliott Brown on flikr for the photo of the Redditch railway station sign in front of the Kingfisher Centre building, taken in 2013. Used under CC by 2.0 licence.

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