Old Images of Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Old Photo of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, 1890

Glimpse history through old images of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, UK.

Electric Canals 1931

According to this 1931 footage, Kidderminster had enjoyed electric barges for several years. They had enough power to be the equivalent of three horses, and could go a steady six knotts.

Electric Canals! (1931): British Pathé (YouTube)

33 Women Drivers (1933)

The 33 women about to take part in the 1933 Cotwold ‘Six’ are surprisingly well dressed for a 120 mile drive through rudimentary roadways.

For Ladies Only! (1933): British Pathé (YouTube)

Alfred Tabb, Bicycle Maker

Alfred Tabb, inventor of curious bycicles, attracted the attention of newsreel makers as early as 1938, when he was filmed with his daughter and nephew.

Odd Cycles (1938) – British Pathé on YouTube

Described as a “blessing to those who live in prefabs”, Alf Tabb’s charity bikes are built in miniature. He’s already a grandfather several times over, but manages to ride quite a distance.

Mr Tabb Makes A Bike (1948): British Pathé (YouTube)

The third time Alf Tabb’s inventions hit the newsreel, he was 67 years old. Note the size comparisons – a ration book, coal bucket, or wife’s shopping basket. The young child is presumably granddaughter Pauline, aged about 4.

Miniature Cycles (1950): British Pathé (YouTube)

In 1958, 75 year old Alfred Tabb is shown riding his miniature bicycle outside his home in Kidderminster, accompanied by his 12 year old granddaughter Pauline.

Miniature Cycles (1958): British Pathé (YouTube)

Town Centre 1980

Paul Donovan’s clip of the town centre in 1980 was held on a Betamax video. It’s astonishing how many locations and small details are packed into just over a minute.

Kidderminster Town Centre 24 December 1980 Betamax Video: Paul Donovan

Town Centre 1980

On 24 December 1980, Paul Donovan filmed a drive around the town centre starting at the junction of Sutton Road & Stourport Road.

Kidderminster Town Centre 24 December 1980 in Ford Escort: Paul Donovan (YouTube)

March 1981

Filming a drive between Worcester Road island and the bottom of Station Hill has captured the Kidderminster landscape of March 1981.

Kidderminster from the Ringroad March 1981: Paul Donovan (YouTube)

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