Old images of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

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Step back in time with a selection of old photographs and films of Bromsgrove in Worcestershire.

Old Photos of Bromsgrove

Using old photographs shared on the ‘Bromsgrove past and present’ Facebook page, Tom Eveson created a fascinating slideshow showing the local people and places from the early 1900s to the 1970s.

Bromsgrove past: Tom Eveson (YouTube)

Bromsgrove About 1960

Aerial views of Bromsgrove, taken about 1960.

Bromsgrove aerial view c.1960: GordonDipple (YouTube)

1988 Carnival

Just over 24 minutes long, this home movie captures many of the floats and participants in the 1988 carnival, along with glimpses of a few spectators too.

BROMSGROVE Carnival 1988: steve picturebox (YouTube)

Old Bromsgrove Market

Twice a week for more than 70 years, customers and traders gathered for trade at the market place. Both the structure and goods traded changed over time.

On Sunday 20th March 1994, the site was demolished.

Market demolition – Bromsgrove.mpg: steve picturebox (YouTube)

Around the Town Centre 2004

A series of photographs taken on 13 April 2004.

Bromsgrove Roads 2004: GordonDipple (YouTube)