Old Images of Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire

Old photo postcard of Bell Street Princes Risborough Buckinghamshire

Glimpse history through old images of Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England.

Chequers (1921)

Lloyd George, Marshal Foch, Aristide Briand, and Allied leaders spent a weekend at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s official country house near to Princes Risborough, during what the film reel title calls ‘Reparations Week’.

The Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, and followed by the London Schedule of Payments in 1921. It required Germany to pay 132 billion gold marks to the allies asreparations to cover civilian damage inflicted during the Great War, later known as World War I.

But the German economy was so badly hit, in 1924, the Dawes Plan reduced Germany’s war debt and forced it to adopt a new currency.

Reparations Week (1921) – British Pathé on YouTube

Fox Hunt (1932)

Hark … Away! (1932) – British Pathé on YouTube

A bit of Princes Risborough history

Extract from:

Dutton, Allen, & co.’s directory & gazetteer of the counties of Oxon, Berks & Bucks

Published in 1863

Pages 550 – 552

PRINCES RISBOROUGH is a parish and market town, in the hundred of Aylesbury, union of Wycombe, 7 miles S.W. of Aylesbury, 12 S.W. from the Railway Station at Tring, and 37 N. W. from London.

The town is situate in the midst of a fertile and picturesque district, and the new branch line of railway from Wycombe to Thame passes about half a mile to the south, where there is a station.

There are many objects of interest in the neighbourhood.

The remains of an ancient encampment, supposed to be that of the Emperor Servius, may still be traced; and on the west of the Churchyard some banks and trenches, called ” the Mount, ” enclosed by a moat, are said to be the site of the palace of Edward the Black Prince, but conjectured by Mr. Wise, with perhaps greater probability, to be the remains of a Saxon camp.

Henry III. presented the lordship of Risborough to his eldest brother, Richard, Earl of Cornwall. On the death of Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, about the year 1300, it again reverted to the crown, and was settled in dower on Queen Margaret.

The manor was granted by James I. The inhabitants formerly enjoyed many privileges, and in the 39th year of the reign of Elizabeth they were granted exemption from tolls, on market and fair days throughout the kingdom, and also released from the duty of sitting on juries; this latter right is still enjoyed, but the former abandoned.

The market day is Thursday. Fairs are held on the 6th of May, ( St. John the Evangelist ), and on the 21st October.

Petty Sessions are held at the Cross Keys Inn, on the last Thursday in each month.

The Church is an ancient edifice, of the reign of Henry VII., dedicated to St. Mary; it has two aisles and a square tower at the west end of the nave, containing six bells, which were recast out of a former peal. The tower is surmounted by an octagonal spire, 100 feet in height, built in 1803, to replace the original one which fell down. The east window is very ancient, and consists of three lance – shaped lights, with beautiful cornices.

The living is a perpetual curacy, value about £ 200 per annum, in the archdeaconry of Buckingham, and patronage of the Duke of Rutland; the Rev. Charles Edward Gray, M.A., incumbent.

The Baptists and Wesleyans have each a chapel here: there is also a National and a British School, and a Chapel – of – Ease at Lacey Green, dedicated to St. John; the living is a perpetual curacy, held by the Rev. William John Burgess.

A mutilated copy of letters, bearing date 1597, being charters under the great seal, of the town of Princes Risborough, are in possession of the present incumbent.

The White Leaf Cross, commemorative of a victory of the English over the Danes, may, on a clear day, be viewed by the naked eye as far distant as Oxford.

The beautiful desmesne of Lady Frankland Russell, at Chequers Court, 3 miles distant, is open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays.

The population in 1861 was 2432.

to Princes Risborough; population included in the parish.

Allen Mrs Sarah, High street
Allison John, esq., Manor house
Burgess Rev William John, Rectory house, Lacey green
Collins Mr Edward, High st
Deacon John, esq., Grymsdyke lodge
Farrar Mrs Elizabeth, High st
Grace Rev Oliver James, M.A, Lacey green
Owen Rev John James ( Baptist )
Stratton Miss Mary, Duke st
Tarrant Miss Martha, Allscott lodge
Warren Thomas Abbotts, esq., High street

Adams James, boot and shoemaker, High street
Adcock Samnel, grocer, druggist, and stationer, Market square
Anderson Edward, farmer, Darvill’s hill
Bailey Reuben, tailor, High street
Baldwin Simeon, blacksmith, Speen
Barnard Thomas, beer retailer and bricklayer, High street
Barrett James, shopkeeper, High street
Bass James, farmer, Bell street
Bass Joseph, farmer, Longwick
Batting John, White Hart & bricklayer, High st
Beesley James, shopkeeper, High street
Bennion John, beer retailer, Longwick
Blackwell John, shopkeeper & baker, Longwick
Bone George, Excise officer, High street
Bristow Benjamin, beer retailer, Flowers bottom, Speen
Brown Charles, farmer, Lacey green
Burch William, corn dealer, High street
Busby Thomas, plumber & glazier, Market sq
Callam Edwin, builder, High street
Cheshire John, miller, Loosley Row mill
Clark James, draper, hosier, and hatter, High st
Claydon John, draper, Longwick
Cock William, harness maker, High street
Coles William, carrier, High street
Collins Stephen, White Lion & baker, High st
Cook John Smith, gardener, Longwick
Cotter Elizabeth ( Mrs ), milliner, Market square
Crook Joseph, Bell and chair maker, High st
Darvill Richard, baker, High street
Dorsett James, turner, Park field
Dover John William, George and Dragon Commercial Inn and Excise Office, High street
East William, veterinary surgeon, High street
Edmonds Jesse, Red Lion, Longwiek
Edmonds John, shopkeeper, Longwick
Eggleton Benjamin, chemist and druggist, Market square
Eggleton George, farmer, Culverton
Eggleton George, schoolmaster, High street
Eggleton John, farmer, Culverton
Eggleton Joseph and William, farmers, Wardrobe farm
Floyd James, gardener, Bell street
Floyd Joseph, shopkeeper, Lacey green
Gibbons Elizabeth ( Mrs ), farmer, Speen
Gilbert ( William ) & Plater ( Alfred ), millwrights and engineers, Aylesbury road
Ginger John, beer retailer, Lacey green
Ginger Martha ( Mrs ), d y school, Loosley row
Gomme John, farmer, Loosley row
Goodchild James, farmer, Longwick
Goodehild John, farmer, Longwick
Harding Edmund, blacksmith, Longwick
Harding William, farmer, Speen
Hawes Jesse, shoemaker, Lacey green
Hawes Joseph, clerk of chapelry, Lacey green
Hickman Thomas, hardwareman, High street
Hilsden George, boot and shoemaker, Duke st
Holmes William Thos., schoolmaster, Parkfield
Hook James, blacksmith, Longwiek
Hoperoft Job, tailor, High street
Horwood Ann ( Miss ), teacher of Infant school,
Lacey green
Horwood Henry, farmer, Longwick
Horwood Joseph, farmer, Longwick
Jacob William, blacksmith, High street
Janes Jesse, beer retailer, Loosley row
Kingham James, White Horse, Longwick
Kingham Joshua, farmer, Longwick
Kirby Jesse, butcher and beerseller, Market sq
Lacey Benjamin, draper and grocer, Duke st
Lacey Jeremiah, Black Prince, Parkfield
Lacey Jonah, beer retailer and shopkeeper,
Loosley row
Lilley Sophia ( Mrs ), Pink and Lilly, Parslow’s hillock
Little George, parchment maker, High street
Loosley Joseph and Thomas, farmers, Summerlay’s farm
Loosley Ricliard, grocer & ironmonger, High st
Lovegrove Ann ( Mrs ), Infant schoolmistress,
Loosley row
Nash George, wheelwright, High street
Nottingham Joseph, boot & shoemaker, Duke st
Paine Caroline ( Miss ), ladies ‘ seminary, High st
Paine Edwin, miller and baker, Longwick
Parslow Solomon, blacksmith & farrier, High st
Parslow Thomas, farmer, Speen
Parsons Thomas Rogers, brewer and spirit merchant, Market square
Partington Samuel, Cross Keys Commercial Inn, High street
Perrin Jolan, tailor, Duke street
Pollden Richard, farmer, Longwick
Porter James, boot and shoemaker, Duke street
Randal William, blacksmith, Loosley row
Rogers Abel, brewer and maltster, Market sq
Rogers Joseph, beer retailer, Park street
Russell George, miller, postmaster, and agent to County Fire and Provident Life, Market sq
Stratton Charles, farmer, Duke street
Stratton James, farmer, Church end
Stevens Aun ( Mrs ), King William, Speen
Sulston Thomas, Buckingham Arms, Duke st
Syred James, boot and shoemaker, High street
Syred Thomas, Crown and bricklayer, Duke st
Tapping Solomon, shopkeeper & butcher, Duke st
Thorp William, chemist and druggist, and stationer, High street
Tilbary Richard, farmer, Speen
Tomkins Thomas, wheelwright, Loosley row
Tyler Peter, farmer, Loosley row
Walker Thomas, Sportsman, Longwick
Ward Jacob, carpenter, Speen
Ward Jesse, shopkeeper & post office, Loosely row
Warren Thomas Abbotis, surgeon, High street
Welch Benjamin, butcher & farmer, Longwick
West James, Rising Sun and baker, Church end
West John, baker, High street
Weston Trayton, grocer and draper, High st
White Robert, farmer, Longwick
White Thomas Eggleton, carpenter & builder, Duke street
Willetts Abraham, farmer, Lacey green
Williams Thomas, farmer, High street
Wootton John, farmer, Walter’s Aslı
Wright Thomas, plumber, painter, and glazier, High street
Young James and Thomas, corn dealers, Parkfield
Young James, Wheat Sheef and farmer, Market place

POST OFFICE. – George Russell, postmaster.
Letters arrive at 7 a.m.; dispatched at 6-20 p.m.
Excise Office, George and Dragon Inn; Mr Featherstone, supervisor; Mr John Shea, collector
LONDON. – Higgs, wed., from George and Dragon. Bernard, from Thame, sun.,wed., and fri., from Cross Krys. Hammond, from Chinner, thurs., from White Lion
AYLESBURY – Coles, from High street, to Bull’s Head, wed, and sat.
THAME – Coles, from High street, to Nag’s Head, tues.
WYCOMBB – Coles, Tues, mon. and fri. from High street, to Three Tuns, Mon. and Fri.

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