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Are you interested in the local history of Milton Keynes or tracing your family tree in the area? This page pulls together a wide range of film footage which you can access for free to see how the town looked in the past.

Milton Keynes Through The Years

“Pictorial view of Milton Keynes Past to Present

11 Aug 2016 Aroundabout MK: Pictorial view of Milton Keynes Past to Present.

“A Milton Keynes History

26 Oct 2007 Tommy1921: “A musical tribute to Lee Scriven’s book on Milton Keynes 1970s culture called Three Curly Wurlys and 106 Roundabouts.”

“Milton Keynes: Then and Now

24 Jan 2017 BBC Three Counties: “As Milton Keynes celebrates 50 years as a new town, we look at how it has changed throughout the decades. Plans to develop the small Buckinghamshire village of Milton Keynes into a 34sq miles (88sq km) were formally designated on 23 January 1967.”

Milton Keynes In The 1960s 

“Milton Keynes 1960’s | Thames News Archive Footage

Thames News: This looks at Milton Keynes, once one of the smallest villages in England, as it starts it’s journey to becoming a more populated town. 

Thames News was the flagship regional news programme of Thames Television, serving the Thames ITV region and broadcast on weekdays from 12 September 1977 to 31 December 1992.

Milton Keynes (1968)

British Pathé: Unused / unissued material – Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

“Various shots of semi-detached housing on estate. Pan to show school or offices (accommodated in temporary buildings). MS sign ‘The Coppice – Child Guidance Centre, Child Welfare Centre, Dental Clinic, Ambulance Station’. Pull out to show buildings. More shots of streets, zoom in to show road sign ‘To Bletchley Out Patient Dept. on Whalley Drive’. VS of fairly large secondary school, pan with pupil walking past. Pan to building site. Various shots of housing estates in ‘New Town’ of Milton Keynes.”

“Harlow & Milton Keynes (1968)

British Pathé: Harlow, Essex & Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

“Various shots of Harlow New Town with people milling around. Streets, buildings, parks, rows of houses, etc. Various panoramic shots of the new town showing the new roads, new architecture, parks, suburbs, etc. Various street scenes, showing, cars, public transport, new buildings – train station, art centre, tower blocks, modern church, shopping area with people milling around, street market, suburban houses, old houses, modern school, etc. Shots of bus pulling away from train station in Milton Keynes.”

Milton Keynes In The 1970s 

“Milton Keynes – A Village City (1973) | Britain on Film

BFI: Witness the ambitious plans for Milton Keynes in 1973 – born out of a ‘muddy battleground’.

“1979 Milton Keynes, Super 8 Home Movies

Thekinolibrary: Milton Keynes. Men in military uniform, Scots Guards in kilts. Lloyds horse statue. Butcher’s market stall, meat hanging. Peace Pagoda.

“1970s, 1980s Shopping Centre, Children Running, Milton Keynes, Super 8

Thekinolibrary: “Milton Keynes. INT shopping centre. Children running around. Little girl runs. Woman pushing pram, push chair. Teenage girls past. Boys run along.”

“1970s, 1980s Shopping Centre, Super 8, UK, Milton Keynes

Thekinolibrary: Shopping centre, people walking past, pushing prams. Milton Keynes.

“1970s, 1980s Milton Keynes Housing Estate, Super 8 Home Movies

Thekinolibrary: Housing estate, late 1970s architecture, cars parked outside, detached houses.

“1970s, 1980s Timelapse Milton Keynes Park and Fountain

Thekinolibrary; Milton Keynes, park, fountain.

Milton Keynes In The 1980s

“New Town, Home Town. (Milton Keynes Edit)

25 Aug 2015 Nik Bull: “An edited version of the BBC documentary ‘New Town, Home Town’ focussing purely on the Milton Keynes related content.”

“day trip to MK_0003.wmv

Robalora1: “Here’s a photo video of my day out to Milton Keynes Bowl July 1980.

” 1979, 1980 Milton Keynes Housing Estate, Super 8 Home Movies

Thekinolibrary: Housing estate. POV from right side of car past signs – For Sale. 1960s, 1970s architecture. Tiny velux window. Red brick houses. Mock tudor detached houses. Row of newly planted trees.

“1980 UK Job Centre, Shopping Trolleys, Gritty Super 8 Home Movies

Thekinolibrary: Milton Keynes close up shopping trolley coin deposit system, tilt up row of shopping trolleys, Job Centre in BG. Unemployment, gritty, grim, man walks past job centre.

“Milton Keynes Shopping Centre 1980

History of the United Kingdom: BBC & East Anglian Film Archive 

“80’s Milton Keynes Advert

Uploaded to YouTube by 50 Shades of Milton Keynes

“Milton Keynes: Wish I Lived Here advert

BBC Three Counties: This advert from the 1980s was created to encourage Londoners to move to Milton Keynes. It was commissioned by the Milton Keynes Development Corporation.

“Milton Keynes: Shopping As It Should Be advert

BBC Three Counties: This 1980s advert promoted Central Milton Keynes as THE place to shop.  It was commissioned by the Milton Keynes Development Corporation.

” Milton Keynes


  • This advert was only shown for a short run and then never again. 
  • MKDC had run the Fisherman and Red Balloon commercials that both focused on lifestyle and MK as a place to live and work. 
  • The Board decided they wanted something that showed that MK was ‘open for business’ and was attracting investment.
  • It was pulled after one run and replaced by the Red Balloon commercial
  • In 1990, the Wish was made.
  • The lifts in this ad are from the Argos head office building in MK on Avebury Boulevard.

Milton Keynes from the Air 1980’s

Shawer83: Aerial footage of Midsummer Boulevard in Milton Keynes in 1985 from the shopping centre down to the railway station, taken from the Open University production ‘Goodbye Baby Jane’.

“Milton Keynes Railway Station 1980’s

Shawer83: Clip of Milton Keynes Railway Station in 1985 taken from an Open University production called ‘Goodbye Baby Jane”.

“The Point: The UK’s first multiplex

24 Jan 2017 BBC Three Counties: The Point in Milton Keynes was the UK’s first multiplex cinema when it opened on 3 November 1985. Thirty years after it opened, the cinema closed. It showed its last film on 26 February 2015.

“Film 86 report – The Point cinema, Milton Keynes

VHS Video vault: From 28th January 1986.

“80’s BMX Race – Milton Keynes 1987 – Old School BMX

BMX Talk: “BMX race held in Milton Keynes 1987. The track is still in this original location and still holding BMX Races. True UK BMX History held on that spot right next to the M1.”

“The Point @ Milton Keynes – Inner Space Premiere for Children In Need 1987

Stevie Martin: “The Point in its heyday! Found this on an old VHS tape…. music by yours truly”

“skateboarding 1980’s milton keynes

0lski: “cine film footage of skating Milton Keynes in the 1980’s on big boards, no skill.”

“Superman at the United Nations? No, it’s Milton Keynes”

Almost witty: “In this scene from the final moments (thank goodness) of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, Superman (Christopher Reeve) prepares to make a speech at the United Nations. Except, thanks to those cheapskates, it’s actually Milton Keynes railway station.” Superman IV – 1987

Milton Keynes In The 1990s

“2020 vision for Milton Keynes

MKComFoundation: Talking about what local people thought MK might look like in 2020, written and produced by Roger Kitchen in 1995.

“Milton Keynes 1990’s TV commercial

Mackenzie Rough: “Milton Keynes, locally abbreviated to MK, is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England. It is the administrative centre of the Borough of Milton Keynes and was formally designated as a new town.”

“Dance Energy’s Normski in Milton Keynes 1991

Martin Payne: Dance Energy’s Normski in Milton Keynes 1991.

Milton Keynes 2000-2009

“Clublife at The Empire Milton Keynes

One2 Watch: An episode of Clublife filmed in 2001 at The Empire Milton Keynes. Features a youthful Jon and Damon Presenting and amongst other mayhem, a raid on the ladies toilet!

Milton Keynes 2010 Onwards

“Milton Keynes Heavy Snow 18th Dec 2010

Pennylanevideo1; Started to snow about 11:30 by 3pm theres 6 to 8 inches. All airports in the south of the country closed. The road network Grid locked. Best fun on a sledge for years.

“Milton Keynes Snow Dome

Uploaded to YouTube on 29 Aug 2011 by Nick Bartram.

“Central Milton Keynes flash flood, 5th August 2012

Andy Stray: During a heavy rain shower the floor inside central MK shopping centre started to ooze water.

“Trains at Milton Keynes Central *Heavy Snow* | 18/01/13

Train_PlaneHub: “Various trains at Milton Keynes Central on Friday 18th January 2013! After the snow started falling at 9am, it was still falling at 9pm this night! Causing many delays and cancellations on the railways. So I went down to my local station to see what was going on! 

INCLUDES: DB 92, Freightliner 86’s & 66, DRS 66, Virgin Pendolino’s & Voyager’s, London Midland 350’s & Southern 377! All battling the sub-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions! 

Wasn’t entirely sure where to go, so as I get free train travel I jumped on the 13:02 double voyager to Euston and took some footage on there which is included in the 2nd half of this video!

The entire country was swept with this snow fall, however in Milton Keynes, 10cm were forecast. Well, that much had fallen by lunch time & we are forecast snow until Monday 21st! The voyager I since found out, suffered an onboard fire, it didn’t fail!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What area is Milton Keynes in?

Milton Keynes is in the county of Buckinghamshire, which is part of the region called the South East England. It’s also in an area referred to as the ‘Home Counties’ which surround London.

What is Milton Keynes famous for?

Milton Keynes officially became a new town on January 23, 1967, turning it from a small Buckinghamshire village into a large, modern town. Good homes and facilities for families,  businesses, transport, and the retail and leisure sectors were the planners’ aim at a time when historic buildings were distinctly out of fashion.
Milton Keynes continues to be famous for its rapid expansion during the 1970s and 1980s, along with the concrete cows created in 1978 by artist Liz Leyh and local school children.

Why is Milton Keynes called Milton Keynes?

Under Norman rule, the village of Middeltone was controlled by the de Cahaines family from 1166 to the 13th century, by which time it was known as Middelton Kaynes/Caynes.  The name Milton Keynes was established by the 15th century although Milton or Middleton Gaynes continued to be used for a while. In the 1960s, this village found itself expanded into a large town of the same name, under the New Towns Act of Parliament.

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