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Beaconsfield History in Old Photos & Film

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Beaconsfield is just 23 miles out of Central London. However, its historic buildings and location in the southern part of the predominantly rural county of Buckinghamshire means the town has a distinct feel of Middle England.

Why is Beaconsfield called Beaconsfield?

Actually, from the 13th century until about 1720 the town was called Beckenesfeld. The area had a large number of beech trees, which in old English were called ‘bece’. The original name probably described a clearing in the beech woods. 

What is Beaconsfield famous for?

Today, visitors flock to the first model village ever created. The historic architecture of the Old Town inspires admiration, and the town is a good base from which to explore the local Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Beaconsfield is also home to the National Film and Television School. Established in 1971 and based at Beaconsfield Studios, according to the 2018 Hollywood Reporter it is today one of the world’s top 15 film schools.

Thanks to jarekgrafik from Pixabay for use of the image at the top of this page.

Beaconsfield In The 1930s

 The Super Model – Garden Railway (1932)

The arrow starts the short film on YouTube

British Pathé – Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. 

  • Full titles read: “THE SUPER MODEL ! – filmed at Beaconsfield. – An unkind wife once declared a model husband was a small imitation of the real thing – but this model village and railway is unique in its completeness.”
  • Good L/S’s of a small steam locomotive moving along on miniature railway, it certainly is very detailed. 
  • Intertitle reads: “‘Many months have been spent on building this miniature,’ said the designer, Mr Callingham, ‘but I recommend this hobby to anyone with a garden’.”
  • Several shots of miniature lighthouse and bridge and miniature model cows grazing in a field. M/S’s of the small narrow streets. L/S’s of visitors walking around the model village and examining the Elizabethan style architecture of some of the buildings. Various more L/S’s of the small steam trains.

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