Old Images of Horsham, West Sussex

Old picture of Horsham Church Sussex England published 1822

Glimpse history through old images of Horsham, West Sussex, England.

WW2 Bombs 1960

During World War II, bombs, incendiary devices and doodlebugs rained down on British communities. London and industrial areas were the main targets, but even remote areas and civilian communities found themselves under attack.

In 1960, Horsham’s museum had some of these unexploded devices on display, and the bomb disposal unit was filmed showing some of the items to visitors at an outdoor event.

Horsham (1960) – British Pathé on YouTube

Mini Tractor 1964

In the 1960s, Horsham’s Bill Evans was busy designing the Toraktor, here demonstrated by Yvonne Hart.

It could be used for carrying logs, have a lawn mower attached at the front to create a ride on lawnmower, or a rotavator at the back for some easy turning of the soil. It could even be used to charge a hedge trimmer.

Mini Tractor (1964) – British Pathé on YouTube

Paul Bates 1967

Paul Bates was paralysed, but was given some sense of independence through a specially adapted milk float.

His wheelchair was pushed into the vehicle, with his essential medical equipment sitting on the floor. He controlled the vehicles by using a robotic arm.

Paralysed Man Passes Driving Test (1967) – British Pathé on YouTube

Underwater Research Vessel 1967

In 1967, Britain’s first underwater research vessel was demonstrated at a specialist lab.

Underwater Research (1967) – British Pathé on YouTube

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