Chichester, West Sussex: Old Photos & Film

The Cathedral city of Chichester in West Sussex boasts beautiful historic homes and ancient streets. The city centre in particular has been captured many times on film throughout the past century. 

Before World War 1

In Ancient Sussex 1915

YouTube channel James Aslett uploaded this silent, black and white travelogue film from 1915. 

During World War 2

Chichester (1942)

A British Pathé film which lasts 1minute 33 seconds

The City Centre In 1953

A Drive Through Chichester in 1953

YouTube channel belfast jack uploaded this black and white footage from 1953. An old fashioned open top vehicle is driven through the streets of Chichester. Inside adults and children in costume hold up a sign reading “We are taking Haiwatha to Granada in our Jalopy”. 

Lots of pedestrians, bicyclists, delivery vehicles and people waiting a bus stops. Nice clear footage of the street scenes.

The 1960s

1965 Drive Through Arundel & Chichester

YouTube channel smitm10 uploaded this old cine film of a drive through various streets including Franklin Place and St Pauls Road in Chichester.

Chichester Festival Theatre, 1960s – Film 96669

Crowds of people stand about the outside of Chichester Festival Theatre in the 1960s.

Chichester Fesitval Thearte: Life with no scene dock, 1960s

30 second clip from Heritage CFT showing the theatre scenery changes. 

Sanctuary Saved (1968)

This British Pathé film shows some of the restoration work underway at Chichester Cathedral in 1967.

Chichester Gala Day In 1972

Chichester Gala Day 1972

Ian Welch’s film is just three and a half minutes long yet shows a large number of people and several locations. The Gala had a large procession and there was a great turn out to see it.

The 1980s

chichester 1980

Andy Still’s camping holiday film from 1980.

The Queen visits Chichester. Maundy Thursday (1986)

On Maundy Thursday in 1986 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Chichester Cathedral. It was the location of the 1986 Maundy Money tradition. Three weeks later the Queen celebrated her 60th birthday. 

Colonel Buchan uploaded three TV news reports about the event:

  • Coast To Coast (TVS) with Fred Dinenage and Fern Britton
  • BBC News
  • South Today (BBC South) with Bruce Parker and Debbie Thrower

Local News In The 1990s

Chichester Sainsbury Fire (1993)

On 16 Dec 1993, Christmas shoppers fled the multi million pound supermarket in three minutes as a storage room fire quickly spread. Over a hundred firefighters battled the blaze. 

Colonel Buchan uploaded to TV news reports about it:

  • ITN News At Ten 
  • Meridian late news with Fred Dinenage

Chichester Flooding – A City Saved 1993-1994

Uploaded by Paul Archer, this 23 minute film shows a wide range of locations and interviews with local people.

Tony Blair Chichester Flood Visit 2000

Ken Lloyd uploaded this TV news footage of Tony Blair’s visit to the cathedral city. Six years on from the floods, the flood defences were still not in place. Footage includes an interview with local resident Chris Sherborne. The commentary ends with “The Prime Minister left as quickly as he arrived.”

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