Old Images of Haywards Heath, West Sussex

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Haywards Heath old film local history

Take a step back in time with these short films capturing aspects of life in Haywards Heath during the twentieth century.

Ardingly College School Steeplechase (1934)

Almost 70 boys took part in the 1934 annual Ardingly College School Steeplechase. The course was three and a half miles of fields and streams.

Over – Or In (1934): British Pathé (YouTube)

Dolphin Fair (1956)

Hundreds of smartly dressed adults and children turn out to watch the spectacle of fancy dress and floats. There’s also the All-Sussex Ale Quaffing championship, and the Biggest Beard competition. We see Denzil Spears brushing his beard, but local man Dudley Partridge is the winner. Organised by the Haywards Heath Round Table in 1956.

Dolphin Fair (1956): British Pathé (YouTube)

Orchid Nursery (1967)

Leslie Nye and Eric Bowers at work in the greenhouse at Charlesworths’ Nursery.

Orchid Nursery (1967): British Pathé (YouTube)

Haywards Heath Railway Station (1994)

The railway station recorded on 23rd July 1994, when people could still look out of the train windows.

RD21721(vid). Haywards Heath – 23rd July, 1994.: Ron Fisher 2: Railway and Other Videos.

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Thanks to Kate Olfans (Unsplash) for the photo of the Ouse Valley Viaduct, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath, UK, used as the feature image for this page.