Old Images of Denton, Newcastle upon Tyne

West Road Denton Burn c1938

Glimpse history through old photos and vintage film of Denton in the western suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England.

West Road Denton Burn c1938

Denton in August 1991

In August 1991, David Garside recorded a number of journeys in and around the Denton Burn area. The result is a rare glimpse of the area’s homes, businesses and streets that long ago summer.

Images include parts of the West End, Benwell Lane, Whickham View, a glimpse of John Marley school, and Slatyford Lane.

David Garside (YouTube): Slatyford School. Redewood School. Newcastle Upon Tyne. Pooley Road. Denton Burn. 1991

David Garside (YouTube): Newcastle Upon Tyne. Driving through parts of the West End, Denton Burn. John Marley. 11.08.1991.

David Garside (YouTube): Bowness Road. Denton Burn. Newcastle upon Tyne. 11.08.1991.

June 2009

Russ Martin’s home videos recorded in June 2009 captured the streets and activities of the West Denton area that summer.

Russ Martin (YouTube): West Denton to Cowgate

Russ Martin (YouTube): West Denton Panarama

Russ Martin (YouTube): West Denton carpark 120609

Russ Martin (YouTube): West Denton Morrisons site May MMIX

West Denton Primary School

In November 2011, youngsters at West Denton Primary School took part in Armistice Day events. At the time, UK troops were serving in Afghanistan, with hundreds of them seriously injured or killed that year alone.

Phil Charlton (YouTube): West Denton Primary School Remembrance 2011

The pupils of West Denton Primary School performed in a concert in 2012.

Jane Moscrop (YouTube): West Denton Primary School – There you’ll be v2.mp4

Studio West 2014

In September 2014, the new Studio West school opened on a site formerly occupied by the All Saints school.

In this video from that year, Principal Designate Val Wigham, and Kenton School Headmaster David Pearmain, explained how the new school’s ethos was to introduce a different way of learning and teaching. The aim was to equip students with the real world, job related skills that employers need and value.

Studio West (YouTube): An Introduction to Studio West

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