Old Images of Cullercoats

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Old photo of the beach at Cullercoats in 1890
Cullercoats 1890

Glimpse history through old images of Cullercoats, on the seafront of North East England.

Lifeboat Day 1933

The newsreel opens with two lines of men dragging the lifeboat out of the shed and up the incline.

Over the past 12 years, the fish wives had raised over £1,500 on Lifeboat parade days. We see them and their young daughters holding model lifeboat shaped collecting tins, and wearing fishwife shawls which can also cover the head. The leader, Polly (Dampkin?) was 75 years old was given a gold brooch from the Prince of Wales.

Cullercoats Fish Wives And Holiday Crowds (1933) – British Pathé

1987 Waves

This is a quick clip of the waves crashing over the barrier at the Cullercoats seafront in 1987.

At the end, the camera pans round to the houses along the seafront, shows some cars and pedestrians travelling along the main road, and then shows some of the people down on the stormy beach. Finally, we see the front of the amusements arcade.

Cullercoats 1987 Rough Seas – Newcastle Upon Tyne & UK – Video from the past

Historic Book

Extract from “An Address to the Fishermen of Cullercoats.”

Published 1848

THE awful calamity which , a few weeks ago , oc
curred at Cullercoats , is too well known amongst
you to require any particular description .
The sun shone brightly on the morning of the
2nd of 2nd mo . ( Feb. ) , 1848. The pilot and the
fisherman were pursuing their accustomed employ
ment , and life looked fair before you ; and there
was little thought of sorrow , or of death and
eternity , being so near at hand . The sea was high ,
but no particular danger was apprehended , when
seven of your companions embarked in their little
coble , with the intention of piloting some vessels
into Shields harbour . Many of you were eye
witnesses of the awful scene that quickly follow
ed : before they had crossed the bar of Cullercoats
haven , a heavy sea broke into the boat , which

was speedily upset , and then lay rolling over and
over among the breakers . Two of the men were
swept from its bows immediately , and were seen
no more ; three of the others clung for a consi
derable time to the boat , but eventually their
strength gave way ; the two others , James Stocks ,
and George Lisle , jun . , supported themselves on
the masts or oars , and were drifted round the
south point to Cullercoats Sands , where they
sunk to rise no more , in the presence of their
afflicted relatives , friends , and companions .

The sea had risen to such a height , that no
boat could approach the sufferers ; and those on
shore were unable to reach them with the ropes
and bladders thrown out for their rescue . Every
effort to save them was ineffectual ; and thus , at
a most unexpected moment , you have seen your
companions , in the time of health and strength ,
suddenly called to appear before Him who is
the Judge of the whole earth , to render an
account of the deeds done in the body , whether
they have been good or evil . Now we are
affectionately solicitous that each one of you
should bring this solemn event home to his
own heart . If thou , reader , hadst been one of
the number in that little boat – if the waves
had closed over thee — what ground of hope is
thine , that thy immortal soul would have been
admitted into that blessed kingdom , where we
are told nothing that is impure or unholy can
ever enter ? We know not to whom the next
solemn summons may be sent ; but if the call go
forth to thee , ” Steward , give up thy stewardship ,

for thou mayest be no longer steward , ” art thou
prepared to ” render up thy account with joy ” ?
God so loved the world that he gave his only
begotten Son , that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish , but should have everlasting
life . ” The true believer in Christ will manifest
his faith by his works . Our dear Redeemer
said , a tree is known by its fruits , ” for a good
tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit , neither
doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit . “
apostle also says , ” Be not deceived , God is not
mocked ; for whatsoever a man soweth , that
shall he also reap . ” ” For he that soweth to
the flesh , shall of the flesh reap corruption ; but
he that soweth to the Spirit , shall of the Spirit
reap life everlasting . ” Let us , then , enquire
what are the works of the flesh . The same
apostle tells us they are manifest ( that is , in
your consciences ) , among which are these : Adul
tery , fornication , uncleanness , hatred , variance ,
wrath , strife , envyings , murders , drunkenness ,
and revellings ; of which he says that they that
do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of
God .

Now if you are living in the practice of any
of these sins , ( oh ! how awful the thought ! ) you
are in danger of being cast into that lake , ” where
their worm dieth not , and the fire is not quench
ed . ” And , even in this life , does not the indulg
ence in these sinful gratifications render you
unhappy ? The prophet says , ” The wicked are
like the troubled sea , when it cannot rest , whose
waters cast up mire and dirt . There is no peace ,

saith my God , to the wicked . ” Oh ! listen ,
therefore , whilst time and opportunity are af
forded ; listen , we affectionately entreat such ,
before it is too late , to the gracious warning and
invitation thus afresh extended .

You know that one of your companions , now ,
we reverently trust , in the enjoyment of that pre
cious reward promised to the righteous , laboured
earnestly for your spiritual welfare . George
Lisle , jun . , often invited you to come away from
the public house ; he was deeply concerned for
your immortal souls ; he knew that ” the wages
of sin is death , but the gift of God eternal life
through Jesus Christ our Lord . ” He saw some
of you , as it were , standing on the brink of a
precipice ; he warned you of the danger ; he
pointed to the path of safety ; he invited you to
go with him to the little chapel , and not to
spend your Sabbaths in breaking the holy com
mandments of the Lord , in drunkenness , in
swearing , in taking God’s holy name in vain .
He has been known to declare that often , when
he was out at sea , and his lines were cast , would
he sit at midnight , and muse upon the wonders
of redeeming love , fervently praying , not only
that himself and all dear to him might be
truly conformed to the image of their Saviour ,
but that all might repent , and turn from their
evil ways and live . If you neglected to attend
to his counsel whilst he was with you , if you
refused to accept his invitations then , oh ! let
him now speak to you as from his watery grave ,
and obey the call , to return , repent , and live. ”

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