Milton Keynes: Old Photos & Film

Are you interested in the local history of Milton Keynes or tracing your family tree in the area? This page pulls together a wide range of film footage which you can access for free to see how the town looked in the past.

City Of London: Local History Resources

The City of London is a ceremonial county and has a local government area that is separate to the county of Greater London which surrounds it. It’s long been the heart of political, religious and financial power in Britain.

Shropshire: Local History Resources

The rural county of Shropshire is in the English region called the West Midlands, and sits against the border of Wales, which is a different country in the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Nottinghamshire: Local History Resources

Nottinghamshire is a county located in the English region called East Midlands. It’s most famous for Robin Hood, Maid Marion and their tribe of outlaws – who didn’t exist. Luckily, ancient Sherwood Forest is real and home to Major Oak, one of England’s oldest trees.

Somerset: Local History Resources

Somerset is a historic and ceremonial county in the region called South West England. Significant local government changes in the 20th century have caused great confusion about the county in the minds of the British public.

Rutland: Local History Resources

Many people in the UK think the ceremonial county of Rutland in the East Midlands region of England does not exist, thanks to its disappearance between 1974 and 1997. But local identity and valued heritage brought it back to life.

Oxfordshire: Local History Resources

The county of Oxfordshire is famous for the city of Oxford, which is home to Britain’s oldest university (established in AD1096), for the annual regatta on the River Thames at Henley, and for the picturesque villages dotted around the countryside.

Lancashire: Local History Resources

Lancashire is famous for its historic role in the Plantagenet War of the Roses, its cotton mills which dominated the world’s cotton manufacturing industry of the Industrial Revolution, and famous foods such as the ‘hotpot’ and ‘Lancashire cheese’ which are still enjoyed today.