Donald Birkinshaw, Photographer (1922-1988)

Donald Birkinshaw was a British photographer (1922-1988) who took a particular interest in rural landscapes and country settings. He was born in Nottingham and spent much of his childhood there. But he subsequently lived in Croydon, Surrey, Wiltshire, Somerset and then Cornwall, enjoying the English countryside which so fascinated him. Quick Facts about Donald Birkinshaw…

Taunton, Somerset: Old Photos & Films

The ancient history of Taunton is easily spotted with both a 10th century monastery and a castle located in this Somerset town. But the local history of the most recent decade is more personal to the community’s residents, some of which was captured on film as it happened.

Somerset: Local History Resources

Somerset is a historic and ceremonial county in the region called South West England. Significant local government changes in the 20th century have caused great confusion about the county in the minds of the British public.