Blackpool in old images

In 1900, the only vehicles the horses and carts had to contend with at the seafront were the trams and occasional bicycle. But for the past century and more, the seafront at Blackpool in Lancashire has consistently drawn families looking for sand, sea and funfairs. The Pier Through Time Blackpool North Pier: A Journey Through Time…

Burnley In The 1960s: Factory Workers

In the 1960s the factories of Burnley were still busy producing a wide range of goods and providing a major source of employment to local people. A short film made at the time and now held in the Kinolibrary Archive Film Collection shows Burnley’s factory workers busy in their labours.

Lancashire: Local History Resources

Lancashire is famous for its historic role in the Plantagenet War of the Roses, its cotton mills which dominated the world’s cotton manufacturing industry of the Industrial Revolution, and famous foods such as the ‘hotpot’ and ‘Lancashire cheese’ which are still enjoyed today.