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Step back in time with fascinating old images of Mobile, in Alabama, USA.

Old Photos of Mobile

A lovely collection of black and white old photos, nicely displayed with the location and date the photograph was taken.

Old Photos of Mobile (Alabama)1900-1914 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Grand days of Mobile, Alabama – Alabama Pioneers on YouTube

A Brief History

This six minute flies through 200 years of complex history with a wide selection of old photos, pictures and interviews.

A History of Mobile County in Six Minutes – mobilecountyal on YouTube

Wartime Workers

During World War II, this film was made about the 150,000 men, women and children of all backgrounds who arrived in Mobile ready to do war jobs.

40,000 workers repairing and refitting torpedoed ships in two great shipyards.

Tens of thousands of other employees worked at the steel mills, paper mills, gypsum plant, aluminum plant, army air corps repair field, machine shops, foundaries, lumber and textile mills.

We see scenes of congested buses, pay windows, and long lines outside restaurants and liquor stores.

The teachers were workimg double shifts, but thousands of incoming children were stuck at home, because there were no school places left.

Old warehouses, grocery stores and garages have been converted into dormitories and barracks.

The riverside is covered in trailers and tents. Women have to collect water in buckets from the river for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

The commentator acknowledges that Mobile lready had its slums, but the situation has become acute. We see families living in horrifying conditions.

So slum clearance, afforable new homes and government trailers are part of a government programme, along with childcare for working parents. five small nurseries just had not been enough.

WWII on the Homefront: War Town Mobile, Alabama – M Manley on YouTube

History of the Mobile Port

David Alsobrook, director of the History Museum of Mobile, talks about the changes that the port has made over time, as well as how WWII changed the city forever.

C-SPAN Cities Tour – Mobile: History of the Mobile Port – C-SPAN on YouTube

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