Girvan, Ayrshire: Old Photos & Films

Girvan is a seaside town and fishing port situated on the east coast of the Firth of Clyde in Scotland. Although the resident population is only about 6,700, the town holds many historic properties and a working harbour which can be easily identified in old photos taken decades ago.

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The Town Through The Decades

Old Ayrshire On Film Part 1 Old Ayr Girvan Ailsa Craig

A half hour documentary showing black and white vintage film. A wide range of locations, industries and people appear. The commentary is highly informative.

Old Girvan. All the Photos of Girvan all in one place

Roderick Leitch used interesting old photos and pictures to make this video montage about the town.

Girvan Then & Now

Old photographs from Girvan fire brigade and the Girvan then and now facebook page presented in a slideshow. The audio track opens with an old fashioned narrator introducing the town.



YouTube channel Navrigite1 took old photos of town locations, and then found modern photos of the same place. It’s fascinating to see the change in buildings, streets and human behaviour years later.


Girvan harbour past and present

A lovely choice of music to accompany photos of the fishing port and the vessels working there through the decades.

The 1960s & 1970s

Girvan 1967 St. Josephs Convent

A home cine film made in 1967. Lots of school pupils appear. It’s astonishing how little school uniforms have changed in half a century, especially as school uniform kilts are increasingly common in schools across the UK.

Girvan 1972 St. Josephs Convent

Although this home cine film centres on a group of girls having lots of fun playing up to the camera, many different locations appear including the inside of the school. Some of the nuns also appear.

70’s Marine Salvage

Salvaging a wheel from the shipwreck of a French steam ship, many decades after it was sunk by a German U-boat on November 14 1917 during World War I.

The 21st Century


Lovely folk music accompanies these shots of the fishing port in 2009.

Girvan Harbour Scotland

In January 2010 a cold snap arrived and the fishing boats were suddenly surrounded by ice!

Girvan Community Hospital NPS 100 in Scotland

In 2012, the local Community Hospital installed a Northern Power 100 wind turbine. Here, Ian Hill, Building Energy Manager, discusses the benefits of the project.

Huge big giant kites flying at Girvan beach Scotland

It’s a sunny but windy day when a number of large and unusual kites appear at the seafront.

Girvan when the drone got lost

Because the drone controls stopped working, the camera keeps circling around above the town. But it’s nice clear footage of the nearest buildings and gardens in 2019.