Old Images of Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne

Benwell Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne & Wear

Glimpse history through old images of Benwell, in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne.

St John’s Mission in Benwell

This photograph of St John’s Mission was taken in about 1880.

Nazi Map of Benwell 1941

This image is an excerpt of a German map made in 1941, during World War II.

You can see the west end of Newcastle, with the main roads identified.

I’ve added the German key in case you want to look up a translation for any of the symbols.

Militärgeographische Einzelangaben über England : militärgeographische Objektkarten mit Objektbildern, held in the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division

Photo of Adelaide Terrace 1960

Clara Street

The steep back lane of Clara Street gave a good view of the River Tyne below, including the huge Power Station on the opposite bank at Dunston.

Canning Street School

Brian Alexander used photographs from Canning Street School’s past pupils and staff to make a video about the school’s past.

Part 1 starts with the 1930s, and takes us up to the 1960s.

Canning Street School Benwell Part 1: Brian Alexander (YouTube)

Part 2 starts with 1970 and ends in 1990. That year, as Canning Street School reached it centenary, it was demolished.

Canning Street School Benwell Part 2 1970 to 1990: Brian Alexander (YouTube)

Closure of Small Shops 1979

Hear what local people had to say about the closure of small shops back in 1979.

The development of large shopping centres was killing off independent shops across the country.

Closure of small shops in Benwell 1979 – archiveforchange (YouTube)

Rehousing Benwell

The terraced streets of Maughan Street, Clara Street, Rachel Street, Maria Street and the Pipetrack were all demolished in a clearance programme.

This amateur footage records what the local residents thought of these changes to their neighbourhood.

West End News : Rehousing Benwell – archiveforchange (YouTube)

Farndale Road in 1983

Farndale Rd Benwell 1983 : Newcastle Upon Tyne & UK – Video from the past (YouTube)

Benwell Parish Church

Step back to 1986, when a stone engraver was interviewed at Benwell Parish Church.

Benwell Parish Church 1986 – Newcastle Upon Tyne & UK – Video from the past (YouTube)

Benwell Nature Park

In the 1980s, the site of demolished housing was made into a small urban nature reserve.

Benwell Nature Park – archiveforchange (YouTube)

Caroline & Maria Street

This is an audio piece. Carol and Joanie recollect the 1990s, when Benwell was a byword for criminality and anti social behaviour.

Instead of moving away, they worked tirelessly to improve their neighbourhood. As community activists, they arranged street parties, residents groups and informal youth work.

Stories from Caroline & Maria Street – archiveforchange (YouTube)

The West End of Newcastle

benwell.wmv – 1234tubby (YouTube)

Benwell’s Audrey Guthrie

Audrey Guthrie was born in Benwell and drives buses in Newcastle upon Tyne.

She became the first professional female boxer in the North East of England. Summerhill Books published her life story.

Benwell, Buses and Boxing – The Story of Audrey Guthrie: Summerhill Books (YouTube)

The Post Office Directory of Durham and Northumberland

by Kelly and Company

Published in 1879

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