Isle Of Wight: Local History Resources

The Isle of Wight is England’s biggest island and can be found in The Solent, a straight in the English Channel. It’s just off the coast of Hampshire in the region called South East England, but is a separate English county with its own local authority services.

Herefordshire: Local History Resources

Herefordshire is a beautiful English county sitting alongside the Welsh border. If you are researching the county for local history or family history purposes, you have a surprisingly wide array of resources to draw upon.

Chester, Cheshire: Old Photos & Film

The City Of Chester The ancient walled city of Chester was founded by the Romans in AD79 – the same year Pompeii and Herculaneum disappeared under the eruption of Vesuvius.

Merseyside: Local History Resources

Merseyside is a metropolitan county in the region called North West England. We start with some general videos showing events in Merseyside. Then this page gives a brief introduction to the area before listing a wide range of local history and family history resources about the area.