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St Austell, Cornwall: Old Photos & Film

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St Austell is one of the largest towns in Cornwall, with a population nudging 20,000 people. It boasts a lovely beach well known to locals, tourists, and film crews.

St Austell Brewery opened in the town back in 1851, making it one of the oldest businesses in Cornwall.  It’s still an independent and family-owned company, quite a rarity for such an old firm.

Nearby are the china clay pits, which have been captured on film several times from the post-war era onwards.

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Old Pictures Of St Austell

St Austell: New and Old Pictures 1

Uploaded to YouTube on 10 Oct 2011 by selwyn62.

A collection of new and old pictures of St Austell in the English county of Cornwall.

This video includes just some of the many hundreds of old pictures shared on the Facebook group “St Austell area in the old days”.

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