Old Images of Roche, Cornwall

Roche Cornwall old images

Glimpse history through old images of Roche, Cornwall.

Named after a granite outcrop nearby, Roche is a small village in Cornwall.

Back in the 1960s Jack Trethewey recorded local places on film.

Many years later Mark Stocks shared these vintage scenes of 1960s Cornish rural life on YouTube.

In this first film, a wide range of places and people appear. A lot of development is underway. Many of these scenes have changed beyond recognition, and the local characters long gone.

Mark Stocks (YouTube)

In this second film, most of the focus is on the bungalow under construction for Jack and his wife. However, some nearby houses are in the background of several shots. There’s some nice scenes of the surrounding countryside too.

Roche 1960’s part 2: Mark Stocks (YouTube)

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Thanks to Kevin Walsh for the featured image used behind the title card at the top of this page. Used under CC BY 2.0 licence.

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